Nov 23, 2017 - Exploring Indigenous Experiences

Take Two Series: Exploring Indigenous Experiences


Maura Hanrahan - Native American Studies - Faculty of Arts & Science
Policy expert and Board of Governors Research Chair Maura Hanrahan examines how a narrow focus on Indigenous health research marginalizes Métis people’s concerns, creating inequalities. Both researchers, taking different approaches, seek to understand issues of identity and equity.

Out of the Picture: Indigenous Health Research in Canada and the Métis
Abstract: I will discuss how Indigenous health research replicates and maintains the subordinate position of Métis in Canada’s political landscape and briefly explore how my own health-related Métis research is an attempt to address the existing research gap. Sound health policy for Métis requires a move away from assumptions in pan-Indigenous health research and a move toward Métis-specific research.


Monique Giroux - Native American Studies - Faculty of Arts & Science
Indigenous studies and music scholar Monique Giroux will discuss her approach to Métis music-making, representation and identity formation.

Singing Métis History: Louis Riel and the Marginalization of a Forgotten People
Abstract: In 2017, the Canadian Opera Company revived Louis Riel, an opera written to mark Canada’s centennial celebration. The 2017 revival sought to address the original production’s lack of Indigenous perspectives by adding a silent chorus and by including Métis artists. In this presentation, I will argue that—despite these efforts—the revived version of Louis Riel failed to amend Canada’s legacy of marginalizing Métis people.