Mar 14 2019 - Community & Sustainability

Community & Sustainability

MAR 14, 2019
3:30 pm | Andy’s Place

Troubling Community
In this session, we will explore community as an ongoing process of invention and reinvention that articulates with and responds to both external influences and internal desires and agendas. We will focus in particular on the interdependence of inclusionary and exclusionary forces in processes of community building and maintenance.


Take Two Speaker Series - Troubling Community - Part I

Catherine Kingfisher | Anthropology
In this paper, I explore two urban intentional communities – Kankanmori, in Tokyo, and Quayside Village, in Vancouver – in relation to questions of sustainability: of the community and its members, of the human species, and of the planet. I focus in particular on 1)the relationship between interdependence and independence; 2)the balance between maintaining the integrity of the community and engaging with society-at-large; and 3) similarities and differences reflective of cultural context.


Take Two Speaker Series - Troubling Community - Part II

Yale Belanger | Political Science
I consider the process of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples from the perspective of sustainable community development, in Calgary and Lethbridge. Drawing from a decade of community-based research in both communities, I will explore how Indigeneity is defined by political and business leaders in each municipality, and how reconciliation leading to greater Indigenous inclusion is understood.