Richardson Foundation

Through the Richardson Foundation, Richardson International and its various divisions support many different community initiatives, such as:

  • Splash parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports fields
  • Arenas
  • Community halls
  • Volunteer Fire Departments

If you have a great idea on how to improve your community, let us know! For more information on how you can apply for funding, contact your local Richardson location. They will then be able to guide you through the application steps. You will be required to provide them with a detailed project proposal, including:

  • Scope of project, timeline, budget, who will benefit, etc.
  • Contact information
  • Specific recognition Richardson would receive for the donation
  • A commitment from the community in terms of both community support and funding as we want to ensure the community is also doing their part to raise funds

Once the project has been submitted, it is reviewed by a committee who then puts forward recommendations to the Richardson Foundation Board of Trustees. Once you are notified that your project has been approved, you are required to confirm that it is still proceeding as planned, as well as which name the cheque should be made payable to.

Agency Name: 
Richardson Pioneer
Contact Name: 
Gillian Laird, grant facilitator U of Lethbridge. Email: | (403) 329-2101
Grant Location: 
Grant Type: 
Grant Area: 
Natural Science
Grant Eligibility: