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Prentice Institute Graduate Affiliate Research Assistantship

Prentice Institute Graduate Affiliate Research Assistantship

Preamble and Purpose:

The Prentice Graduate Affiliate Research Assistantship (PGARA) is another mechanism to encourage research affiliates to conduct research in conjunction with the Prentice Institute by recruiting graduate students as research assistants. It offers financial support to graduate students who engage in Prentice Institute research projects in furtherance of the Institute’s mission, through their supervisors who are research affiliates of the Institute. This research assistantship enables students to progress towards an advanced degree while performing research activities consistent with the fund requirements. It also enables students to gain knowledge and skills to become independent scholars.

This Graduate Assistantship (GA-research) or (GA non-teaching) is administered by the Prentice Research Advisory Committee. These appointments are subject to the University of Lethbridge Graduate Association (ULGSA) Collective Agreement and will be processed monthly through University of Lethbridge’s payroll system with applicable tax withholdings. It is expected that at least one full research project for the institute will be completed with a two-year Masters Student assistantship, and at least two projects will be completed with a four-year PhD student assistantship.


  • Minimum $13,000 annually (PhD) for 3 full GAs as defined by the ULGSA Collective Agreement.
  • Minimum $10,800 annually (Masters) for 3 full GAs as defined by the ULGSA Collective Agreement.
  • Appointments are renewable: The maximum years of award for a PhD student is four (4) years and for a Masters student is two (2) years.



To hold a Prentice Graduate Affiliate Research Assistantship a student must be:

  • Registered in a full-time, thesis-based masters or doctoral program.
  • Making satisfactory progress towards graduate degree attainment during the period of the assistantship.
  • Pursuit of thesis research under the supervision of a Prentice Institute Research Affiliate.


  • Academic achievement (minimum GPA of 3.5).
  • Evidence of research excellence and ongoing research potential.
  • Thesis research should be in alignment with the current Prentice Institute Research foci as established by the Prentice Institute Research Advisory Committee.

Assignment of Duties

  • Assisting a Prentice Institute research affiliate supervisor or the Institute itself on Prentice Institute research project(s). 
  • Specific duties to be laid out in the student’s assignment of duties as provided by the instructor/administrator as appropriate, and as outlined in the ULGSA Collective Agreement.
  • Hours of employment shall follow the regulations as outlined in the ULGSA Collective Agreement.
Agency Name: 
The Prentice Institute
Contact Name: 
Penny D'Agnone
Grant Amount: 
PhD: $13,000 annually for 3 full GAs Masters: $10,800 for 3 full GAs
Grant Location: 
External Deadline: 
Thursday, April 30, 2020
Grant Type: 
Grant Area: 
Social Science
Grant Eligibility: