INAC University and College Entrance Preparation Program

This program aims to increase the number of First Nation and Inuit students with the academic level required for entrance into post-secondary programs.

Financial assistance may be provided for a maximum of one year of studies in the form of:

  • tuition support for part-time and full-time students that may include required fees, tuition and the cost of books and supplies required for courses
  • travel support for full-time students who must leave their permanent place of residence to attend their university or college entrance program
  • living allowances for full-time students to help cover the costs of food, shelter, local transportation and daycare

The program is administered by the First Nation or the First Nation/Inuit designated organization that determines the funding and selection criteria in accordance with national guidelines. INAC provides funding for this program as part of core funding agreements with Indigenous governments and organizations.


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Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
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Alison Conroy
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Natural Science
Social Science
Fine Arts
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