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Horizon 2020 Migration Call

SSHRC is launching a call for proposals in support of Canadian researchers’ engagement with European research consortia funded via the Horizon 2020 (H2020) research platform. This is the second round of this SSHRC funding opportunity.

Researchers applying for SSHRC support are responsible for initiating contact with eligible EU researchers and teams to form a consortium, participating in proposal development, and carrying out the proposed research.

  • For general information on international co-operation and participation, consult the H2020 Online Manual.
  • For detailed information about participating on an EU research team, visit the EU H2020 website.

SSHRC will support the following four subthemes in the H2020 call:



Applications may be submitted by a team of researchers (consisting of one applicant / project director and one or more co-applicants and/or collaborators). The applicant / project director prepares the application on behalf of the partner organizations of the formal partnership.

Applicants / project directors (except postdoctoral researchers and students) must be affiliated with an eligible Canadian postsecondary institution at the time of application. Researchers who maintain an affiliation with a Canadian postsecondary institution, but whose primary affiliation is with a non-Canadian postsecondary institution, are not eligible for applicant status.

Applicants / project directors who have received a SSHRC grant of any type but have failed to submit an end of grant report by the deadline specified in their Notice of Award are not eligible to apply for another SSHRC grant until they have submitted the report.

Postdoctoral researchers are eligible to be applicants if they have formally established an affiliation with an eligible institution within five months of the grant start date, and maintain such an affiliation for the duration of the grant period.

Students enrolled in a program of study are not eligible to apply. However, PhD candidates are eligible to apply if they:

  • will have met all requirements for the PhD before the grant is awarded, including all course work and successful defence of their dissertation, if applicable; and
  • establish a formal affiliation with an eligible Canadian postsecondary institution within five months of the grant start date, and maintain such an affiliation for the duration of the grant period.


Individuals are eligible to be co-applicants if they are formally affiliated with any of the following:

  • Canadian: postsecondary institutions; not-for-profit organizations; philanthropic foundations; think tanks; or municipal, territorial or provincial governments.
  • International: postsecondary institution.

Postdoctoral researchers who are affiliated with a postsecondary institution are eligible to be co-applicants.


Any individual who makes a significant contribution to the project is eligible to be a collaborator. Collaborators do not need to be affiliated with an eligible Canadian postsecondary institution.

Individuals from the private sector or federal government can only participate as collaborators.

Multiple applications and holding multiple awards

Please see SSHRC’s regulations regarding multiple applications and holding multiple awards for more information.


Grant holders will be expected to report on the use of grant funds, on funded activities undertaken during the grant period and on outcomes. Successful applicants will be informed of reporting requirements upon receiving their Notice of Award.

For more information on how to apply, visit the Horizon 2020 Migration Call webpage.

Agency Name: 
Social Science and Humanities Research Council
Contact Name: 
Emma Dering
Grant Amount: 
$75,000 to $200,000, over one to three years.
Grant Location: 
External Deadline: 
Thursday, March 12, 2020
Internal Deadline: 
Thursday, March 12, 2020
Grant Type: 
Grant Area: 
Social Science
Fine Arts
Grant Eligibility: