Gather Grant


Value  range from $500 to $3,000
Application deadline

no deadline 

Notice of decision Within four weeks of the application date
Application form  
The Gather Grant supports events that enhance the University's research, scholarship, or creative activity and are hosted by a University of Lethbridge faculty member at a location within Alberta, with preference given to events hosted on the Lethbridge or Calgary campus.

Applications may be submitted at anytime throughout the year. Eligible applications will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants may receive one Gather Grant per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31).  

Value and duration

Applicants my request a range from $500 to $3,000.  Given the limited budget, requests for a smaller amount are welcome (and preferred) so that we may support a greater number of events. Due to funds being limited, it may not be possible to fund all deserving proposals nor to fund proposals at the requested levels.

Applicants must outline other revenue sources, including a projection of registration or other fees that will be charged to event participants.  Applicants must also indicate how surplus conference funds will be used.

Eligibile Events

Gather grants support to U of L faculty members organizing one of the events listed below:

  • Outreach Activity  (event directed to the community rather than the research/academic community.)
  • Workshops or Symposia (a small number of individuals that focuses on a particular research topic in which attendees are encouraged to discuss the subject matter.)
  • Conferences (an event lasting one day or longer that involves the hosting of a large number of participants and focuses on one or more distinct themes.)

The following types of events are not eligible for funding:

  • Consultative or administrative meetings of research networks or working groups.
  • Primarily internal events such as Faculty/School or Departmental research symposia.

To be considered for funding, events must:

  • be organized, or co-organized, by a U of L faculty member; 
  • take place in Alberta, with preference given to events being held at the University of Lethbridge (Lethbridge or Calgary campus); and
  • enhance the visibility of the U of L, its researchers, and students.

Funding received through this fund are not intended to cover the full costs of the event.  Support for events should be sought through external funding opportunities; such as the CIHR Planning and Dissemination Grant or the SSHRC Connection Grant

Internal funding cannot be stacked to support the event. For example, if the proposed event has received support from the SSHRC Exchange program or another internal source, additional funds cannot be requested from the Gather Grant.

Use of Funds

Funds may only be used to support the direct costs associated with hosting the event. Eligible expenditures include:

  • Speaker expenses (honoraria, travel, etc.);
  • Facility and equipment rentals;
  • Catering;
  • Reproductions of materials and proceedings; and
  • Salary support for individuals involved in organizing the event.

Funds cannot be used to support entertainment, alcoholic beverages, departmental meals, of the travel costs of U of L faculty participating in an event.

Retroactive applications are not accepted.

Application Process

Interested applicants must submit an Gather Grant application form electronically to Applications should include the following information:

  • A description of the event including the importance of the even to the U of L and the role students/trainees will play.
  • A budget for the event showing anticipated revenue and projected expenses.
  • Details on how surplus funds will be handled.

All requests for support will be reviewed by the senior leadership team comprised of the President; Provost; and Vice-Presidents Research, Finance, and External Relations. Input may be solicited from others as required.  Final decisions rest with the senior leadership team.  Funding decisions will normally be made within four weeks of the application date.

Adjudication criteria

Funding requests will be adjudicated based on the following criteria:

  • Impact of the event on one or more of the following areas: research, student scholarship, and/or public outreach.
  • Ability of the event to raise the research profile of the University of Lethbridge,
  • Evidence of serious efforts to secure funding from external sources, including paid registration. Applications for events without paid registration must clearly explain the decision to forego registration revenue.
  • Role of trainees and plans to involve and benefit relevant students.
  • Openness. Conference registration must be open rather than invitation only.
Conditions of Award
  • Term. All notices of award will include a project end date. Funding must be used before the end date indicated on the notice of award. Extension requests must be submitted before the end of the term of award. Requests for extension will only be approved in extenuating circumstances.
  • Use of funds. Gather funds are provided for the event indicated in the application and cannot be used for other purposes.
  • Final report. A brief report on the event outcomes is required within six months of the event date. The report should indicate the following:
    • Was the event a success? If so, what made it successful?
    • How did funding provided through the Gather Grant contribute to the event's success?
    • Information with regard to whether or not the event budget was in surplus after all expenses were covered.
    • Note: future applications will not be considered unless the applicant has submitted this report.
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University of Lethbridge
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Penny Pickles
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Natural Science
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