Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering Program

The Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering (CWSE) Program was launched in 1996. The goal of the program is to increase the participation of women in science and engineering, and to provide role models for women active in, and considering, careers in these fields. The CWSE Program is regional—with one Chair for each of the Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies, and British Columbia/Yukon regions.

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Gillian Laird, grant facilitator U of Lethbridge. Email: | (403) 329-2101
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NSERC will match cash contributions from the host university and supporting organizations (partners) up to a maximum of $70,000 per year. In addition, as of fiscal year 2016-2017, NSERC will contribute an extra $40,000 per year if the partners contribute at least $70,000, for a total of $110,000 per year. In the event that partners contribute less than $70,000 per year, NSERC will match their contribution without any extra funds. NSERC will also consider matching in-kind contributions consisting of staff time, salaries, equipment, and any other resources provided by the supporting organizations.
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Natural Science
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