Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting Program Awards

The Academy of Management sponsors two (2) awards in the Annual Meeting Program Awards catagory:

William H. Newman Award for Best Paper Based on a Dissertation

The William H. Newman Award is presented to the best annual meeting paper based on a recent dissertation. The recipient of this award:

  • Addresses a significant organizational phenomenon
  • Shows appropriate consideration of relevant theoretical and empirical literature
  • Offers reasonable interpretations of the research results, draws appropriate inferences about the theoretical and applied implications of the results, and suggests promising directions for future research
  • Yields information that is both practically and theoretically relevant and important
  • Presented logically, succinctly, and clearly

Division program committees select one submission each year to nominate for this prestigious award.

Carolyn Dexter Award for Best International Paper

The Carolyn Dexter Award is presented to the annual meeting paper that best meets the objective of internationalizing the Academy. This serves the mission of the Academy and the charge of the International Theme Committee (ITC), which sponsors this award.

Papers are considered for this prestigious award if they offer new insights, are rich in observation and employ creative methodologies. Papers receiving this honor typically reflect collaboration between scholars from different countries, topics that are not in the U.S. mainstream, but are important in other countries' research traditions, and whose theme and content reflect an awareness of business and management outside of domestic boundaries.  

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Academy of Management (AOM)
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