Feb 7, 2019 - Researching Wellness

FEB 7, 2019
3:30 pm | Andy’s Place

Researching Wellness
“Exercise is medicine.” Jennifer Copeland will provide us with evidence correlating our movement behavior and how it influences non-disease health outcomes and how they affect us later in life. In response, Roy Golsteyn will take us to the wildflower fields of Alberta, showing us the pharmaceutical potential behind our wildflowers.


Take Two Series: Researching Wellness (Part I)

Jennifer Copeland | Kinesiology & Physical Education
It is now well-accepted that “exercise is medicine”; habitual physical activity is associated with lowered risk of myriad chronic conditions and greater longevity. My own research moves beyond morbidity and mortality and takes a broader view of health and wellness across the lifespan. In this talk I will give an overview of evidence that our movement behaviour also influences non-disease health outcomes that are particularly important to older adults, such as: functional capacity, mobility, cognitive function, and quality of life.



Take Two Series: Researching Wellness (Part II)

Roy Golsteyn | Biological Sciences
The wildflowers of Alberta have a positive effect upon wellness because they are a sure sign of the return of summer after a long winter. The flowers may hold even more potential for wellness since they contain chemicals that hold great potential as future medicines.  The Prairie to Pharmacy Program at the University of Lethbridge is investigating the science behind our wildflowers.  The flowers also act as place where scientific and Indigenous knowledge can be shared.