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Current & Previous University Scholars

Current and Previous University Scholars

2014-2017 Education Kas Mazurek
  Social Sciences Abdie Kazemipur
  Fine Arts Josie Mills
2013-2015 Management Michael Basil
  Health Sciences Judith Kulig
  Sciences Mark Walton
  Humanities Carol Williams
2012-2014 Education Janice Rahn
  Fine Arts Peter Visentin
  Social Sciences Judith Whitehead
2011-2013 Management Debra Basil
  Humanities Maria Ng
  Sciences Louise Barrett
  Health Sciences Not awarded
2010-2012 Education Amy von Heyking
  Social Sciences Catherine Kingfisher
  Fine Arts Not awarded
2009-2011 Health Sciences Judith Kulig
  Humanities Heidi MacDonald
  Sciences Marc Roussel
  Management Mahfooz Ansari
2008-2010 Education Brian Titley
  Fine Arts Lisa Doolittle
  Social Sciences Claudia Malacrida