Confidentiality Agreements

Confidentiality Agreements cover the exchange of proprietary, confidential information between two or more parties. They enable researchers and firms to protect their intellectual and proprietary property by placing a responsibility on the recipient of the information to keep it confidential and not to use the information in an unauthorized manner. If confidential information is released to the public prior to the researcher or the firm applying for patent protection, for example, it could become a significant barrier to acquiring patent rights.

UofL researchers are often asked to sign confidentiality agreements with various parties in advance of any engagement. The UILO should be immediately notified when a Confidentiality Agreement with an industry partner is required, as the UILO reviews all confidentiality agreements to ensure they comply with policy, and then coordinates any signatures for the Agreement's execution.

The Process:

  • All Agreements must be reviewed by the UILO and legal counsel to ensure they confirm to University Policy before they are transmitted to a third Party.
  • To facilitate the process, convenient Confidentiality Agreement templates have been created and are provided as links below. These templates speed the negotiation process.
  • Please contact the UILO and provide your name, email, contact phone, any deadline alerts, the confidential information to be exchanged and the information of all Parties involved.
  • We will then use the appropriate Confidentiality Agreement template to negotiate and refine any terms on behalf of the University and the researcher.
  • Once completed, the UILO will acquire the necessary signatures to enable the Agreement between the researcher and the third Party. Please note that the time taken to complete a negotiation is dependent upon the complexity of the terms. The UILO makes every effort to ensure that the University and the researcher is protected and that the researcher receives reasonable and appropriate rights.

Confidentiality Agreement Document (1-way)