Health Services Quality Institute


The purpose of the Health Services Quality Institute (HSQI) is to transform the design, delivery, and management of health services quality in Canada through research and education in partnership with key stakeholders.


Our four pillar philosophy summarizes our core values. These pillars ground and support the research, education and practice activities that we engage in. Our values are:

  • Evidence Based:  We are committed to promoting a shift in the culture of ‘service’ in health care towards the increased use of science, research and evidence to guide decision making in health services design and management, resulting in enhanced well being for all stakeholders, as defined below.    This is our most important value.
  • Interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary: We are committed to drawing upon knowledge from multiple disciplinary and theoretical perspectives in developing frameworks for research and practice that influence health services quality. We also hope to aid in dissemination of information across disciplines to improve policy, practice, and education.
  • Sustainable: We are committed to the development of processes, infrastructure and systems that meet current and future needs of quality health services at an appropriate level of resources.
  • Relationship Focused: We are committed to working with the full continuum of stakeholders to achieve creative and beneficial outcomes and to enable change within the health care system. We will promote a team-based approach where diversity is appreciated and contributions made towards improving health service quality are recognized and appreciated.


Our activities contribute to the development of the University of Lethbridge as a national leader and eventual international leader for health services quality research and education. Specifically, our activities involve:

  • Research on health services quality: The Institute cultivates a multidisciplinary perspective for identifying interdisciplinary research projects that investigate a variety of research questions in a variety of health care settings.
  • Education on health services quality related topics: The Institute provides a number of educational opportunities at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional/executive level. These opportunities help educate new generations of professionals in both health care and management about the benefits of a service quality approach and provide them strong frameworks to improve their practice in this area.
  • Promotion of change within the health care system: A key goal of the institute is to promote change in the health care system, in keeping with the University strategic research themes to promote translation for the benefit of society. By this, we mean: transformation in the thinking about ‘quality’ health care; transformation in the thinking about ‘service’ in health care, and transformation in the management of ‘service’ in health care.