Due to its increased knowledge and epertise in remote sensing, the Centre has the capacity of collaborate consultatively with all levels of government and industry, especially in the areas of imaging spectroscopy and LiDAR. This enlarged capactiy is also used to enhance training and teaching programs at the Undergraduate and graduate levels to develop highly-qualified personnel (HQP). Within this frame work, the Centre further enhances national and international collabortaion to augument its research, training and teach capabilities.

The remote Sesnsing Calibration Spectrometry Labratory offers equipment calibration services to the remote sensing community and will be equipped to seek contract opportunites that support space missions.

ATIC also employs an order desk which licenses SPOT satellite imagery to the Canadian post secondary market for use in academic research.

SPOT pricing

- Consulting Services - Optical remote sensing - Image Analysis - Calibration and preprocessing of ulrispectral/hyperspectral data - Software development
 Our particular expertise is in imaging spectroscopy and imaging spectrometry. We have been carrying out measurements with most of the existing airborne and spaceborne imaging spectrometers as well as ground instruments. In addition to this, we are operating various ground measurement instruments, that are available for rent. Currently we also offer (limited) calibration services for non-imaging sensors in the 400 - 2500 nm range of the electromagnetic spectrum.