Equipment, Facilities, & Instrumentation

The University of Lethbridge UAV capability consists of two Microkeopter XL systems imaging in the visible/infared and thermal regions. These systems are used in support of various on-going research projects, as test beds for new systems, and in teaching.

The University of Lethbridge Goniometer System version 2 (ULGS-2) apparatus has a unique design that incorporates a number of advancemnets over other goniometers for measuring bi-directional reflectance data that are used to support remote sensing analyses. It is the most advanced field goniometer system in the world. The ULGS-2 uses a quarter circle positioning arc with a 2-m radius and no part of the apparatus touches the grond in the traget area. This innovative design reduces weight of the apparatus, increase portanility, allows positioning over a wider variety of surfaces, and facilitates significantly faster data acquisition. ULGS-2 incorporates a computer-controlled motor-driven instrument payload that rapidly samples traget bidirectional reflectance distribution functions. A seperate, manual ULGS has 10-degree resolution in both zenith and azimuth, and is light weight and portable.