Faculty research is supported by provincial, national, and international agencies and foundations. In 2018, the U of L received the following new funding (listed alphabetically by funding agency):

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Alberta Conservation Association

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value
Cam Goater Biological Sciences Ecological epidemiology of emerging Ambystoma tigtinum virus (ATC) in a population of tiger salamanders in southwestern Alberta Research Grant $6,069

Alberta Gambling Research Institute

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value
Aaron Gruber Neuroscience Investigations of dopamine circuits involved in problem gambling Graduate Research Allowance $3,000

Alberta Human Rights Commission

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value
Glenda Bonifacio Women & Gender Studies Race and Space on Campus: Equity and Inclusion in Lethbridge Human Rights Education Multiculturalism Fund $25,000

Alberta Innovates Health Solutions - currently under review

Award Recipient Project Value Supervisor
Summer Studentship Marissa Buchan Diagnostic Metabolomic Biomarkers of Stress-Associated Disease $6,000 Gerlinde Metz
Summer Studentship Sydnee Calhoun Small Noncoding RNA Regulation of Gene Expression in Bacteria $6,000 HJ Wieden
Summer Studentship Marina Galatonov Effect of Combined Cannabinol and Cannabidiol Applications on Breast Cancer Cell Line $6,000 Igor Kovalchuk
Summer Studentship Arashk Ghasroddashti Enhanced Recovery from Ischemic Stroke by Optogenetic Stimulation of Locus Coeruleus $6,000 Majid Mohajerani
Summer Studentship Colm Guyn Effects of Reward Schedules on Gambling-like Behaviour in Rats $6,000 David Euston
Summer Studentship Owen Guyn Etiology and Neuromechanics  for ACL Damage Predominance in the Less Skilled Limb $6,000 Jon Doan
Summer Studentship Claire Niehaus Influence of Paternal Preconception Health and Environment on Offspring Development $6,000 Robbin Gibb
Summer Studentship Jamie Peterssen New Frontiers in Diagnostic Biomarkers of Neurological Injury $6,000 Gerlinde Metz

Alberta Real Estate Foundation

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value
Lorraine Nicol Univeristy Library Advancements in Irrigation Agriculture with Implications for Economic and Community Development and Environmental Stewardship in Southern Alberta Research Grant $25,000


Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value Co-applicant(s)
Trushar Patel Chemistry & Biochemistry Target drug discovery to prevent zika-related neurological diseases Canada-Israel Health Research Program $663,000  
Tracy Oosterbroek Health Sciences CIHR Institute of Population and Public Health: Starting Investigator Workshop Travel Award - Institute Community Support Winter $1,500  
Nehal Thakor Chemistry & Biochemistry To assess eIF5B as a Therapeutic Target in Glioblastoma Project Grant $600,000  
Trushar Patel Chemistry & Biochemistry Understanding the rolw of zyxim in prostate cancer Project Grant $830,000 HJ Wieden, Athan Zovoilis
Ute Wieden-Kothe Chemistry & Biochemistry Exploring RNA-RNA interactions during ribosome biogenesis as new cancer targets Project Grant $965,000  
Rob Sutherland Neuroscience The functional consequences of protein misfolding spreading through the brain Planning & Dissemination $20,000  
Artur Luczak Neuroscience Are epileptic seizures evoked on memory networks? Project Grant $1,000,000  
Olga Kovalchuk Biological Sciences Tumor brain and chemo brain: from molecular and cellular mechanisms to behavioral repercussions and novel mitigation strategies Project Grant $2,200,000 Bryan Kolb

Cancer Research Society

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value
Trushar Patel Chemistry & Biochemistry Towards developing therapeutic intervention for prostate cancer Operating Grant $120,000
Nehal Thakor Chemistry & Biochemistry To assess elF5B as a therapeutic target in Glioblastoma Operating Grant $120,000


Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value
Olga Kovalchuk Biological Sciences

Long non-coding RNAs in childhood leukemia: new mechanisms and targets

Operating Grant $200,000


March of Dimes Foundation

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value
Gerlinde Metz Neuroscience Novel receptor antagonists


Prematurity Research Initiative Program $11,000


Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value
HJ Wieden Chemistry & Biochemistry

HS iGEM 2018

geekStarter $16,000


Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value
Nathan Lupton Business

Learning Process and Moving-Up-the-Value-Ladder from Offshore Outsourcing in Ready-Made-Garments (RMG) Firm

Mitacs Globalink Research Award $6,000

Molly Towel Perinatal Research Foundation

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value Co-applicant(s)
Brenda Leung Health Sciences

Metabolomics profiling of metabolic function in pregnant women and associated pregnancy and birth outcomes

New Investigator Award $39,700

Gerlinde Metz


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value
Laura Chasmer Geography

NSERC Network on predicting the Rapid EvoLution of ArcTic Ecosystems (RELATE)

SPG-Network TBD

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council - Undergraduate Student Research Awards

Recipient Value Supervisor
Timothy Vos $4,500 Ute Kothe
Dylan Nikkel $4,500 Stacey Wetmore
Sam Broadbent $4,500 Habiba Kadiri
Marisa Lelekach $4,500 Claudia Gonzalez
Jeffrey McDonald $4,500 Ute Kothe
Adam Christiansen $4,500 David Naylor
Kaden Fujita $4,500 Anthony Russell
Kate Chua $4,500 Robert Sutherland
Darren Van Essen $4,500 Elizabeth Schultz
Jihoon Og $4,500 Howard Cheng
Keiran Vanden Dungen $4,500 Nehal Thakor
Bailey Way $4,500 Claudia Gonzalez
Chad Beck $4,500 Roy Golsteyn
Lauren Morris $4,500 Aaron Gruber
Tessa Carrels $4,500 Aaron Gruber
Liam Mitchel $4,500 David Logue
Vincent Cote $4,500 Nathan Ng
Daniel Rocca $4,500 Ute Kothe
Janelle Bykowski $4,500 Michael Gerken
Kelsey Racicot $4,500 Andrew Iwaniuk
Mansi Patel $4,500 Gerlinde Metz
William Reid $4,500 HJ Wieden
Sam Drescher $4,500 Robert Sutherland
Arshdeep Singh $4,500 Daya Gaur
Keith Aubrey $4,500 Nehal Thakor
Naomi Perkins $4,500 Igor Kovalchuk
Justin Miller $4,500 Steve Wiseman
Julius Moore $4,500 Nathan Ng
Farah Rajan $4,500 Paul Vasey
Adam Sundberg $4,500 Locke Spencer
Oliver Kienzle $4,500 Philip Bonnaventure
Jake Sheppard $4,500 David Logue
Thomas Porter $4,500 Chris Hopkins
Jace Riehl $4,500 John Anvik
Zach Selk $4,500 Majid Mohajerani
Jessica Semmelrock $4,500 HJ Wieden
Tony Huber $4,500 David Naylor
Cynthia Fonderson $4,500 Stacey Wetmore
Erik Morgan $4,500 Robert Sutherland
Lindey Felske $4,500 Stacey Wetmore
Anileen Pageni $4,500 Ute Kothe


Parkinson Association of Alberta

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value Co-applicant(s)
Artur Luczak Neuroscience

Automatic assessment of Parkinson’s disease symptoms based on videos recorded at patient home

Postdoctoral Fellowship 50,000.00 Jon Doan

Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value
Nadia Rochdi Geography Development of Remote Sensing Techniques for Regional Reclamation Monitoring of Peatlands in Alberta Phase-2 Alberta Upstream Petroleum Research Fund $55,000

POLAR Knowledge Canada

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value
Philip Bonnaventure Geography Northern Scientific Training Program Northern Scientific Training Program $6,000


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Award Holder Department Funding Program Project Value Duration
Vishaal Baulkaran Dhillon School of Business Insight Grant Board effectiveness $37,610 3 years
Aaron Taylor New Media Insight Grant Screen acting and embodied cognition $98,970 5 years
Andrew Stewart Digital Audio Arts Connection Grant Interactive Art, Science and Technology in Western Canada (2018 Outreach initiative) $47,294 1 year
Richard Mueller Economics Partnership Grant Literacy and numeracy skills and the education and labour market outcomes of refugees and their children $10,000 1 year
Inge Genee Modern Languages SSHRC Summer Studentships Summer Student, Majaliaj Peddle $5,625  
Catherine Kingfisher Anthropology SSHRC Summer Studentships Summer Student, Jamie Lewis $5,625  
Heidi MacDonald History SSHRC Summer Studentships Summer Student, Christina Vanderkwaak $5,625  
John Harding Religious Studies SSHRC Summer Studentships Summer Student, Jessica Knoop $5,625  
Rolf Boon Music SSHRC Summer Studentships Summer Student, Duncan Metcalfe $5,625  
Carly Adams Kinesiology SSHRC Summer Studentships Summer Student, Delaney Duchek $5,625  
Jody Asselin Anthropology SSHRC Summer Studentships Summer Student, Flavia Egli $5,625  


University of Lethbridge: Chinook Summer Research Awards

Recipient Value Supervisor
Sahra Nodge $5,625 Richard Larouche
Hope Vienneau $5,625 Ute Kothe
Peter Cai $5,625 Bonnie Lee
Justin Olsen $5,625 Nehal Thakor
Ben Cowan $5,625 Trevor Harrison
Ooleepeeka Eegeesiak $5,625 Monique Giroux
Olivia Marasco $5,625 Marc Roussel & Nehal Thakor
Jennifer Chernishenko $5,625 Rhiannon Mesler & Katie Howie
Quinn Johnson $5,625 Scott Rathwell
Lirong Liu $5,625 Katie Howie
Austin Kothig $5,625 Aaron Gruber
Josh Friesen $5,625 HJ Wieden
Jessica Hollies $5,625 Julia Brassolotto
Cherilynn Blood $5,625 Carol Williams
Dylan Sutherland $5,625 Mark Walton
Keara Cheredaryk $5,625 Ute Kothe
Sonny Brewer $5,625 Carol Williams
Brittany Wichers $5,625 Inge Genee
Kyle Mitchell $5,625 Joe Rasmussen

University of Lethbridge: University of Lethbridge Research Fund (ULRF)

Recipient Affiliation Project Value Co-applicant(s)
Awosoga, Olu Health Sciences How workers' health status & quality of life affects quality of service in continuing care setting in Alberta $11,999.82 Doan, Jon; Steinke, Claudia
Brassolotto, Julia Health Sciences Exploring safe, healthy, and dignified expressions of sexuality in Alberta's residential care facilities - phase 2 $12,000 Howard, Lisa
Burleigh, Dawn Education The Alberta Teaching Quality Standard - Applying foundational knowledge about First Nations, Métis and Inuit: A case study of supports and inhibitors in the supervision triad $11,998 Ogilvie, Gregory
Elafros, Athena Sociology The maintenance of cultural fields $6,000 Churchill, Christopher
Hanrahan, Maura Indigenous Studies Geraldine Moodie: The experiences and perspectives of a Euro-Canadian woman in the Arctic of the early twentieth century $6,000  
Kadiri, Habiba Math & Comp Sci Explicit estimates for various prime counting functions $12,000 Ng, Nathan
Kellett, Peter Health Sciences TRANS-forming primary care: Exploring the inclusivity and safety of rural primary care spaces for trans-persons in Southern Alberta $5,996.52 Howard, Lisa; Brassolotto, Julia
LeBlanc, Robert Education White and Rural after the Recession: A Linguistic Anthropology of White-Identifying Adolescent Boys in Rural Alberta $5,137.41  
Logue, David Psychology Description and functional analysis of syntax from a large birdsong corpus $6,000  
Luczak, Artur Neuroscience Identifying and targeting epileptogenic neuronal networks $12,000 Mohajerani, Majid
Pelech, Sharon Education Agents in the Field: Enhancing Student Agency through Place-Based Education $6,000  
Rathwell, Scott Kinesiol & Phys Ed Returning to play following a diagnosed concussion: A mixed methods exploration of athletes' psychological readiness $6,000  
Seyed Mahmoud, Behnam Physics & Astronomy The Earth's free wobble and nutation $6,000  
Tatsuno, Masami Neuroscience Characterization of REM sleep features that are associated with memory reactivation $6,000  
Victor, Janice Health Sciences Ai'aoskiikowaata (showing direction to youth): Bringing Blackfoot culture into child welfare practices $6,000  
Zovoilis, Athanasios Chem & Biochem Development of a precise high-throughput epi-transcriptomic platform $12,000 Wieden-Kothe, Ute

University of Alberta

Recipient Affiliation Project Value Co-applicant(s)
Steve Wiseman Biological Sciences Alberta East Slopes Fish Habitat and Native Fish Recovery Research Fund $478,080 Greg Pyle, Joe Rasmussen, Alice Hontela