2013 Grants and Contracts

Faculty research is supported by provincial, national, and international agencies and foundations. In 2013, the U of L received the following new funding (listed alphabetically by funding agency):

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Alberta Cancer Foundation: Summer Studentship

Roy Golsteyn Biological Sciences Genomic instability in human cancer cells after treatment with genotoxic agents $5,200 Student: Erik Hopkins
Bryan Kolb Neuroscience Effects of radiation therapy on the brain: An epigenetic connection $5,200 Student: Anna Kovalchuk


Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research

Seed Grant Luc Martin Kinesiology & Physical Education "Social identity in rural school-based youth sport groups $9,648.96


Alberta Conservation Association Grants in Biodiversity

Theresa Burg Biological Sciences Landscape genetics of the black-capped chickadee among Southern Alberta’s riparian areas $10,000 Student: Rachael Adams
Cam Goater Biological Sciences Epidemiology of an emerging virus in tiger salamanders in southern Alberta $12,000 Student: Stephanie Crowshoe
Robert Laird Biological Sciences Genetic diversity in rates of senescence in the aquatic plant Lemna minor $10,000 Student: Vincent Hervet
Robert Laird Biological Sciences Biodiversity and life history of natural enemies of prairie Noctuidae $12,000 Students: Patrick Barks


Alberta Innovates Energy & Environment Solutions

Stewart Rood Biological Sciences Functional Flows: A practical strategy for healthy rivers $1,000,000


Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS)

Award Recipient Department Value Notes
PDF Fellowship Ben Clark Neuroscience $50,000 working with Bruce McNaughton
PDF Resarch Allowance Ben Clark Neuroscience $5,000
Sustainability Funds Jon Doan Kinesiology & Physical Education $40,000
Summer Studentship Robbin Gibb Neuroscience $5,600 Student: Allonna Harker
Sustainability Funds Robbin Gibb Neuroscience $40,000
Sustainability Funds Claudia Gonzalez Kinesiology & Physical Education $40,000
Summer Studentship Aaron Gruber Neuroscience $5,600 Student: Kyle Giebelhaus
Summer Studentship Olga Kovalchuk Biological Sciences $5,600 Student: Dipanka Goyal
Sustainability Funds Claudia Malacrida Sociology $40,000
Summer Studentship Gerlinde Metz Neuroscience $5,600 Student: Danika Dorchak (High school student)
Sustainability Funds Gerlinde Metz Neuroscience $40,000
Knowledge-to-Action grant Monique Sedgwick Health Sciences $19,761 Project: Deepening the quality of sophisticated reasoning in rural nursing practice
Summer Studentship H.J. Wieden Chemistry & Biochemistry $5,600 Student: Quinn Daviduck


Alberta Innovates Technology Futures

Award Recipient Department Project Value
AITF Geek Starter grant Howard Cheng Math & Computer Science Assoc. for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming contest $3,000
AITF Geek Starter grant Hans-Joachim Wieden Chemistry & Biochemistry U of L iGEM team $20,000
Strategic Chair Program Hans-Joachim Wieden Chemistry & Biochemistry AITF Strategic Chair in (RNA) Bioengineering $1,995,000


Alberta Student Assessment Network

Carmen Mombourquette Education "Instructional leadership in assessment" $149,660 Team: David Slomp & Richelle Marynowski



Canada Foundation for Innovation

Award Recipient Department Value Notes
John R. Evans Leaders Fund Christopher Hopkinson Geography $233,670 Co-applicant: Hester Jiskoot
John R. Evans Leaders Fund Locke Spencer Physics & Astronomy $115,200


Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

Award Recipient Department / Faculty Project Value
Operating Grant Cheryl Currie Health Sciences What social determinants contribute to high allostatic load among Aboriginal adults $195,404 Team: Gerlinde Metz, Olu Awosoga, Michelle Hogue, and Judith Kulig
Cafe Scientifique Penny D'Agnone Research & Innovation Services How do sex differences influence your brain's response to cancer therapies? $3,000 Co-applicants: Olga Kovalchuk, Bryan Kolb
Operating Grant Olga Kovalchuk Biological Sciences Sex differences in radiation-induced direct & indirect effects in brain: From sex-specific molecular mechanisms to organismal repercussions. $933,128 Co-applicant: Bryan Kolb
Chair in Gender, Work & Health Olga Kovalchuk Biological Sciences Effects of occupational radiation exposure on men and women in nuclear industry - from biomarkers to prevention strategies $800,000
Research Planning Grant Bonnie Lee Health Sciences Counselling the relational unit in addiction treatment $22,418


CIHR Health Professional Student Research Award

Each award is valued at $4,125 for $13 weeks

Jessie Keenan Health Sciences Supervisor: Shannon Spenceley
Britney Schmidt Health Sciences Supervisor: Judith Kulig


Canadian Journal of Philosophy

Bryson Brown Philosphy $8,000


Canadian Space Agency

David Naylor Physics & Astronomy SPICA/SAFARI project $23,476 note - this is an ongoing project, initially funded in 2008.
David Naylor Physics & Astronomy SPICA project $100,000
David Naylor Physics & Astronomy SPICA project $220,000 2013/14 allocation.


Canadian Stroke Network Summer Studentship

Gerlinde Metz Neuroscience Synergistic effects of stress and age on epigenetic regulation, brain plasticity and recovery from silent stroke $7,000 Student: Brian Ficiur



endMS Regional Research and Training Centre

Gerlinde Metz Neuroscience The effect of maternal stress on EAE: A comprehensive investigation using MRI, behaviour and epigenetics $15,000 (Graduate Student Support Award)



Max Bell Foundation

Noella Piquette Education Schools where all children learn to read $199,992 co-investigator


MS Society of Canada

Gerlinde Metz Neuroscience $15,000 Graduate student support through the University of Calgary



National Institutes of Health Research

Aaron Wilber Neuroscience Phase sequences of posterior parietal cortex ensembles and sequence learning PDF working with Bruce McNaughton


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

Award Recipient Department Project Title Value
Discovery Grant Louise Barrett Psychology Situated Social Cognition $145,000
Engage Grant Howard Cheng Mathematics & Computer Science $11,020
Discovery Grant Michael Gerkin Chemistry & Biochemistry Sulfur in Inorganic Fluorine Chemistry and the Development of a New Class of Weakly Coordinating Anions $170,000
Discovery Grant Peter Henzi Psychology Environmental Structuring Of Individual Action In Social Mammals $165,000
Discovery Grant Chris Hugenholtz Geography Improving measurements, models and predictions of aeolian particle transport and landscape dynamics $165,000
Discovery Grant Hester Jiskoot Geography The effects of Arctic sea fog on glacier melt $135,000
Discovery Grant Hadi Kharaghani Math & Computer Science Special orthogonal matrices: existence, enumeration and applications $75,000
Discovery Grant Abbas Momeni Math & Computer Science Variational principles and their applications in modern analysis $80,000
Discovery Grant Sergio Pellis Neuroscience Play and the Development of the Social Brain $165,000
Discovery Grant Joseph Rasmussen Biological Sciences The instability of reservoir habitats and its impact on food webs $250,000
Discovery Grant Drew Rendall Psychology The nature, function and evolution of signal complexity in animal and human communication systems $165,000
Discovery Grant Stewart Rood Biological Sciences Diversity and Adaptive Physiology of Riparian Cottonwoods and Hybrid Poplars $285,000
Discovery Accelerator Grant Stewart Rood Biological Sciences Diversity and Adaptive Physiology of Riparian Cottonwoods and Hybrid Poplars $120,000
Discovery Grant Marc Roussel Chemistry & Biochemistry Theoretical studies of gene expression kinetics $250,000
Discovery Grant Tony Russell Biological Sciences Structure, function and evolution of small RNAs in unicellular eukaryotes $180,000
Discovery Grant Matthew Tata Neuroscience Dynamics of Distraction: Physiological Correlates of Selective Listening Revealed in Brain Electrical Dynamics $125,000


NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award

Each award is valued at $5,625.

Recipient Department Supervisor
Lindsay Ablonczy Math & Computer Science Jackie Rice
Ian Andrews Chemistry & Biochemistry H.J. Wieden
Devany Benis Neuroscience Rob McDonald
Stephanie Derksen Neuroscience Sergio Pellis
Andrew Dickson Math & Computer Science Kevin Grant
Brandon Fuller Math & Computer Science Joy Morris
LeAnna Kalvi Neuroscience Masami Tatsuno
Erin Kelly Chemistry & Biochemistry Ute Wieden-Kothe
Ryan Kung Chemistry & Biochemistry Marc Roussel
Stefan Lenz Chemistry & Biochemistry Stacey Wetmore
Camara Lerner Math & Computer Science Howard Cheng
Ashlee Matkin Biological Sciences Tony Russell
Joshua Pepneck Math & Computer Science Kevin Grant
Oba Powis Physics & Astronomy Saurya Das
Matthew Robbins Physics & Astronomy Mark Walton
Justin Silva Math & Computer Science Amir Akbary
Douglas Turnbull Chemistry & Biochemistry Michael Gerkin
Ian Veenendall Physics & Astronomy David Naylor
Lauren Williams Neuroscience Andrew Iwaniuk
Katie Wilson Chemistry & Biochemistry Stacey Wetmore
Samuel Woodman Biological Sciences Stewart Rood



Parkland Institute Faculty Research Award

Suzanne Lenon Women & Gender Studies "Entangled policy knots: Polygamy, biopolitics, and the desire for gender equality" $5,000



Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Recipient Department Project Value Notes
Insight Grant Yale Belanger Native American Studies City planning and aboriginality on the Prairies TBD co-investigator, project led by the University of Saskatchewan
Insight Grant John Harding Religious Studies The modernization of Buddhism in global perspective $258,659
Insight Grant Claudia Malacrida Sociology Eugenics to newgenics in Alberta: Historical continuities and differences $318,278
Knowledge Synthesis Grant Susan McDaniel Prentice Institute Is the math sufficient? Aging workforce and the future labour market in Canada $24,309
Insight Grant Goldie Morgentaler English A literary biography of Chava Rosenfarb $21,230
Partnership Grant Simon Fraser University   Art for social change: An integrated research program in teaching, evaluation, and capacity building TBD

Co-applicant: Lisa Doolittle (Theatre & Drama)
Collaborators: Cynthia Chambers, Erika Hasebe-Ludt (Education); Jean Harrowing (Health Sciences)

University of Lethbridge is a partner.

Partnership Grant University of Toronto Gender, migration, and the work of care: Comparative perspectives TBD

Co-applicant: Susan McDaniel (Prentice Institute)

University of Lethbridge is a partner.

Partnership Grant University of Victoria Borders in globalization: Cultures, governance, market and migration flows, history, security, sustainability TBD

Co-applicant: Geoffrey Hale (Political Science)
Collaborators: Christopher Kukucha (Political Science); Donna Townley, Richard Mueller (Economics); Yale Belanger (Native American Studies)

Insight Development Grant Mickey Vallee Sociology Glenn Gould, record production, and aesthetic subjectivity: A bridge to cultural theory $12,685
Partnership Grant York University Canadian observatory on homelessness: Creating policy impact TBD

Co-applicant: Yale Belanger (Native American Studies)


Sport Science Association of Alberta

Operating Grant Luc Martin Kinesiology & Physical Education A group enhanced sprint interval training program for amateur athletes $4,628 Co-investigator: Tom Hazell



University of Lethbridge: Chinook Summer Research Award (undergraduate)

Each award is valued at $5,625.

Recipient Department Supervisor
Jillian Ankutowicz Modern Languages Nicole Rosen
Emily Carpenter Biological Sciences Theresa Burg
Michele Charest Health Sciences Bonnie Lee
Sierra Dakin Kuiper Anthropology Jan Newberry
Andrea Dearham Modern Languages Inge Genee
Kai Fender Math & Computer Science Hadi Kharaghani
Meagan Fullerton-Lee Modern Languages Abigail McMeekin
Jolene Garber Physics & Astronomy Adriana Predoi-Cross
Lewis Horword Neuroscience Sergio Pellis
Samantha Lemna History Chris Burton
Pamela Lindsay Philosophy Kent Peacock
Abdou Makalo Economics Alexander Darku
Lindsay Oneil Sociology Claudia Malacrida
Ryan Rideout Math & Computer Science Soroosh Yazdani
Yanjun Shi Psychology Fangfang Li
Josee Steeves Biological Sciences Olga Kovalchuk
John Steyn Chemistry & Biochemistry Ute Wieden-Kothe
Jen VanOyen Neuroscience Aaron Gruber
Colton Whelpton Liberal Education Program Bruce MacKay
Scott Wong Neuroscience Aaron Gruber


University of Lethbridge: Community of Research Excellence Development Opportunity (CREDO)

Lance Grigg Education "Perceptions of critical thinking skills in students: A study involving first-year university professors and high school social studies teachers" $8,950
Mary Kavanagh Art "Atomic tourist: Trinity suite" $23,000
Catherine Kingfisher Anthropology "Producing wellbeing: Governing the social and governing the self in Samoa" $17,785
Jason Laurendeau Sociology

"Father figuring: Fatherhood, embodied emotion, and masculinities"

Suzanne Lenon Women & Gender Studies "The intimate publics of polygamy: A socio-legal genealogy of polygamy and property relations" $18,826
Goldie Morgentaler English "A literary biography of Chava Rosenfarb" $18,040
Kent Peacock / Bryson Brown Philosophy "Ingenuity, energy, and climate change" $23,000


University of Lethbridge: Emmy Droog Research Awards in Health Sciences

Jon Doan Kinesiology & Physical Education Power (of) skating: Feasiblity and potential of ice skating as exercise neurotherapy amongst Canadians with select neurological disorders $10,000 Co-investigator: Claudia Steinke (Health Sciences)


University of Lethbridge: Internal SSHRC Grant

Kimberly Mair Sociology "Dogs in wartime" $4,500
Kevin McGeough Geography "Representations of the Ancient World in children's literature" $4,500 Co-applicant: Elizabeth Galway (English)


University of Lethbridge: Research Dissemination Grant

Jay Whitehead Theatre & Drama "Unsex'd at the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival" $2,000


University of Lethbridge: University of Lethbridge Research Fund

Awardee Department/Faculty Project Title Value
Yllias Chali Math & Computer Science Text Summarization as an Information Extraction Task $6,000
Anne Dymond Art Counting Gender: Diversity and the Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Canada $6,000
Robbin Gibb / Claudia Gonzalez Neuroscience / Kinesiology & Physical Education The Relationship of Motoro Performance and Executive Function in Pre-School Children $12,000
Roy Golsteyn Biological Sciences The Prairie to Pharmacy Project: Cancer Research Guided by First Nations Knowledge $6,000
Kara Granzow Sociology The Prairie to Pharmacy Project: Cancer Research Guided by First Nations Knowledge


Nicholas Hanson Theatre & Drama Economic Influences on the Aesthetic Elements of Contemporary Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) $4,977
Tom Hazell Kinesiology & Physical Education The Effect of Sprint Interval Exercise on Hunger and Satiety $6,000
Paul Hazendonk Chemistry & Biochemistry NMR Studies of Ionic Liquid Based Bitumen Extraction from Oil Sands Ore $6,000
Michelle Helstein & Sean Brayton Kinesiology & Physical Education The Athlete's Body and the Social Text of Suicide: A Critical Analysis of the Concussion Debate and Labour Politics in Professional Sport $12,000
Hester Jiskoot Geography A Whale of a Tale in 1710: The Earliest Weather and Sea Ice Observations along the Coast of East Greenland $6,000
Mary Kavanagh Art Animal Subjects: Cold War Atomic and Nuclear Weapons Testing $6,000
Catherine Kingfisher Anthropology Produjcing Wellbeing: Governing the Social and Governing the Self in Samoa $6,000
Suzanne Lenon Women & Gender Studies Intimate Publics: A Socio-Legal Genealogy of Polygamy $5,385.11
James MacKenzie Anthropology Maya Out of Place: Mobility, Gender and Community in the Oral History and Contemporary Economic Practices of a K'iche' Community $6,000
Claudia Malacrida Sociology Discourse and Policy Analysis, C-Sections in Southwest Alberta $6,000
Luc Martin Kinesiology & Physical Education The Dynamic and Developmental Nature of Cohesion in Children's Sport Groups $5,293.08
Victor Rodych Philosophy Wittgenstein on Set Theory, Real Numbers, and Mathematical Continuity $5,999.88
James Sanders Addictions Counselling Emotion-Based Decision Making, Suggestibility, and Prospective Memory in Adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in the Criminal Justice System $6,000
Walter Wymer Management Conceptualizing and Measuring Brand Loyalty $6,000
Soroosh Yazdani Math & Computer Science Improving SAGE Mathematical Software $6,000



Western & North-western Region of Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing

Award Recipient Faculty Project Value Notes
Graduate Student Award Judith Kulig Health Sciences The influence of clinical instructor attitudes on nursing student attitudes towards caring for older adults $2,500 Student: Sheena Simpkins
Research grant Monique Sedgwick Health Sciences Mobile decision making support and undergraduate nursing students' clinical decision making at the point of care $10,853 Co-investigators: Lance Grigg (Education) & Olu Awosoga (Health Sciences)