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Find out what being a Dhillon business student is all about, including what we offer that’s different from what you’d experience elsewhere.

Carla Carnaghan, Associate Dean

Join us for this sample lecture by faculty member Don McIntyre. In the business sector, certainty is essential. Knowing, for sure, how things will happen, when, and why is key for any successful venture. The Indigenous sector is one of the fastest growing markets and demographics in Canada. Job possibilities are huge for those who understand this market. However, the Indigenous sector is based on a set of exceptions to the regular business rules. Understand the challenges and potential of Indigenous business.

Don McIntyre, Faculty

Being job-ready is much more than just going to class and getting good grades. DSB Link is a hub of experiential opportunities (events, workshops, case competitions, etc.) that are free for all Dhillon School of Business students to develop additional knowledge and skills. We are here to help you understand the future industry that you will be working in, provide networking opportunities to meet professionals in your area of interest, and offer guided and independent experiences for learning and development. Attend the DSB Link session to learn more.

Matt Rahimi, Director, DSB Business Link

Did you know that you’re encouraged to visit the Advising and Academic Support office frequently during your studies? Our advisors will not only empower and encourage you, they’ll provide tools to help you navigate your academic, career and life journeys. Join us to find out how academic advising is lighting the way.

Mike Burland and Viviana Lartiga, Academic Advisors, DSB

Human Resource Management is not just for HR department! Join us for this session to learn about the HR profession, its profound impact on organizations, and reasons for considering this career pathway.

Anastasia Stuart-Edwards, Faculty

Join us for Open House! We’ll be discussing the various events that you can join as part of the Dhillon School of Business. Although this even is online this year, we hope to encourage you to actively participate in the Dhillon School of Business via our workshops and student offerings that aim to make your life better as a student of the DSB.

Sharon Panesar, Dhillon Business Students Association
Mitch Nixon and Alima Sultana, Dhillon Business Students Association

Welcome to Open House at the Dhillon School of Business! 

Join us and some of our expert faculty and staff to learn more about what the Dhillon School of Business has to offer—in either Lethbridge or Calgary

We’re excited to show you what a business learning experience looks like at the University of Lethbridge. Whether you have dreams of being an investment banker, sports marketer or Chartered Professional Accountant, we can help you get there. Maybe you prefer a career where you can make a difference through Indigenous relations, human resources management or international business, or maybe you want to start up your own business. Whatever path you choose, we’re here to provide you with the essential knowledge, skills and abilities you’ll need to define your future success.

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To complement your foundation in business, the Dhillon School of Business offers majors to help you build expertise in an area of chosen study.

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Experience is the Dhillion Difference

Experiential learning

The Dhillion experience

Be sure to take a look at all the experiential learning opportunities.

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Get involved!

We also encourage our students to get involved with student clubs on campus. You can check out Dhillon Business Students’ Association in the video below.

Dhillon Business Students’ Association

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DSB Link

You will gain real experience with real employers through our professional development and experiential learning platform: DSB Link.

Dhillon School of Business DSBLink 2020

Management Certificates

Management certificates are composed of a series of 10 required courses designed to provide a suitable combination of breadth and depth of knowledge in a specific area of study.

Masters of Health Services Management

Our graduate programs in Health Services Management are targeted at managers who wish to transfer to the health care sector, and health care professionals who would like to move into management.