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In the midst of generational changes to post-secondary education, the Faculty of Arts & Science continues to pursue excellence in teaching and research.

Students are central to all we do. They inspire us. They guide our teaching, and often play a central role in our research. Our professors are distinguished teachers and world-renowned researchers. They are on the forefront of their disciplines and are working within evolving bodies of knowledge. They bring their research to the classroom, enabling students to see actual research in action. And on top of that, these renowned researchers invite students, even as early as their first year, to take part in their research.

Our dedicated and inspired educators will encourage you to strive for excellence not only in the classroom but in the way you apply knowledge to your community and career. You will be supported in the pursuit of opportunities, both within and woutside your classroom studies, to push the boundaries of your abilities.

Did you know?

  • We have the only undergraduate degree program for remote sensing in Canada.
  • We are home to one of the only Indigenous Studies departments in Canada.
  • Dr. Naylor's physics lab houses one of the coldest places on earth.
  • The Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre (ATIC) was the first of its kind in North America, bringing world-class satellite imagery to the province.
  • With the opening of the Science Commons in 2019, we are home to Canada's most advanced facility for science education and research.
  • We are the largest faculty at uLethbridge and this year we will offer 850 lectures, 298 labs and 116 tutorials.

University is an exciting time. It's a time to pursue your interests, explore the world, make new friends, and discover opportunities you never knew existed!


In addition to our live sessions today, we recorded sessions from some of our previous events that may be of interest to you! Watch them here. Expand the section below the videos for session descriptions and links to related programs.

Mini-Lectures/Research Talks

Our faculty members are more than teachers. They are on the forefront of their disciplines and are working within evolving bodies of knowledge. They bring their research to the classroom, enabling students to see actual research in action. In this session, you will hear from our first group of faculty members who will showcase their area of expertise by presenting 5-minute mini-lectures or research talks. You don't want to miss this!

Shining Students

Our Shining Students are engaged inside and outside of the classroom. What makes a student shine may differ from person to person, but they all share a passion for learning. They may be top students or involved in an innovative project, or possibly they are participating in ground-­breaking research, playing Pronghorn athletics, fighting for social issues or all of the above! In this session, you will get to meet a handful of our Shining Students and learn about what makes their uLethbridge experience unique.

Global Citizenship Cohort (GCC) & Research Internship Concentration (RIC)

The Global Citizenship Cohort (GCC) offers a unique opportunity to connect some of your first-year courses around a common theme while interacting with a group of like-minded students and forming life-long friendships. The themes for 2021/2022 (Fall 2021 start) are Environment & Culture AND Challenging Worldviews. If working with others to improve the world as global citizens appeal to you, join this small group of curious and motivated students and enjoy an enhanced first-year university experience.

The Research Internship Concentration (RIC) allows you to make discovery through biological research an integral part of your university program. Imagine being the first to discover something about a gene, a cell, an organism or an ecosystem! In your first year, after an orientation to the tools necessary to conduct research in one of the many biological sub-fields, you will be participating in unique and current research projects. Each subsequent year will build on these skills with an emphasis on designing, carrying out, and presenting the results from research projects under the guidance of faculty and graduate students. You will also have the opportunity to carry out independent research by choosing to do an independent study or an undergraduate thesis in your final year.

In this session, you will learn about two unique opportunities at uLethbridge that will help you form connections while making valuable contributions to our world.

Undergraduate Research

uLethbridge is one of Canada’s most influential research universities — we are home to leading research centres and world-renowned faculty members who bring their research into the classroom and actively engage students in research at the undergraduate, graduate and PhD level. Yes, we said undergraduate level. At many universities, this type of research is reserved for students at the graduate level. In this session, you will hear from three students about the research projects that they have been involved in. This research work covers disciplines in the humanities, sciences and social sciences.

Indigenous Student Success Cohort (ISSC)

The Indigenous Student Success Cohort (ISSC) is a first-year credit program that provides Indigenous students who are not fully admissible to the University of Lethbridge an opportunity to enter into, and succeed at, university. Our program provides a solid foundation of core skills in a supportive cohort environment that attends to Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Learning. The program also provides cultural and peer support, advising, and academic skills development to create a positive first-year experience that positions students for success in further undergraduate studies.

From uLethbridge to Notre Dame. An alumni story.

All around the globe, uLethbridge alumni play essential roles in their communities. In this special presentation English professor, Dr. Dan O'Donnell interviews Rachel Hanks (BA '15), who is finishing up her PhD in Old English at Notre Dame.

Indigenous Student Success Cohort
The Indigenous Student Success Cohort is uniquely designed to help First Nations, Métis and Inuit students enter into the programs of their choice at uLethbridge.

Academic Writing Program
Are you seeking stronger foundations in writing for university-level studies? Do you want to develop skills for creating effective arguments? Are you ready to learn techniques for citation, research, and critical thinking?
artsci.writing@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/academicwriting

Agricultural Biotechnology
Do you enjoy thinking up new solutions to environmental issues? Do you believe that science and technology hold the answers to many of our problems? Are you devoted to providing food for the planet? Do you want to be the one to make a difference?
agbiotech@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/agbiotech

Agricultural Studies
Does farming or ranching define who you are? Do you long for a career that will enable you to enjoy a rural agricultural lifestyle? Do you want to be the one who makes a meaningful difference in improving agri-food production, marketing and trade?
agstudies@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/agstudies

Does the thought of living in some far-off country give you butterflies? Do you love hearing stories about how other people live? What they value? Or what they believe? Are you fascinated by human diversity?
anthropology@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/anthropology

Applied Statistics
Would you like to investigate real-world problems in business, health, ecology, human behaviour and more? Are you interested in making sense of the world by analyzing data? Are you ready to contribute to essential decision-making in both public and private sector industries?
appliedstatistics@uleth.ca | go.uleth.ca/applied-statistics

Archaeology & Geography
Do you enjoy learning about ancient civilizations? Does the idea of unearthing artifacts excite you? Do you like searching through collections and archives for clues to an historical puzzle you may not have all the pieces for?
archaeology@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/archaeology

Are you fascinated by all living systems? Are you curious to know how life works on the molecular level? Do you dream of helping to solve global health issues? Would you like to assist creating alternative food or energy sources? Does a career in medicine or pharmacology interest you?
biochemistry@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/biochemistry

Biological Sciences
Were you the kid who had to turn over every rock to see what was living under it? Did you ever wonder how a seed knew how to grow up to be a tree, or how a hummingbird’s wings beat so fast? Are you continually fascinated by the natural world?
biology@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/biologicalscience

Canadian Studies
Are you fiercely patriotic? Does the sound of the Canadian national anthem fill your chest with pride? Do you believe — without doubt — that we live in the best country in the world?
cnd.studies@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/canadianstudies

Do you have a naturally inquisitive mind? Do you like to break objects down so you can see how they work on the inside? Do you enjoy contemplating new solutions to current issues using science and technology? Is making a difference important to you?
chemistry@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/chemistry

Computer Science
Includes Computer Science & Geographical Information Science (GIS)
Do you enjoy finding intricate solutions to complex problems? Are you technically minded? Do you like to figure out how things work? Do you want to make a difference?
computerscience@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/computerscience

Do you desire a deeper understanding of your region, your country and the world? Do you want to help resolve global issues such as climate change and immigration? Is taking part in reasoned policymaking important to you?
economics@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/economics

Engineering (Pre-Professional Transfer Program in Engineering)
Have you ever taken apart a Rubik’s cube, or better yet, figured out how to complete it? Are you fascinated by puzzles and ready to solve problems? Do you want to be an innovator? The Pre-Professional Transfer Program in Engineering at uLethbridge will prepare
you for your future — no matter where it takes you.
furgason@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/artsci/engineering

Do you love to lose yourself in a good book for hours on end? Do you relish your ability to win arguments with your rhetorical mastery? Are you intrigued by the idea of learning about the world through fiction, poetry and drama? Do you want to write?
english@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/english

Environmental Science
Are you fascinated by the natural environment? Are you concerned about climate change, sustainability, the health of our water resources, or the loss of biodiversity? Would you like to learn how ecosystems function or why biodiversity is important to our future?
environmental@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/environmentalscience

General Majors
Includes Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences
Are you interested in everything under the sun? Do you enjoy looking at problems from multiple perspectives to find the best solution? Do you want the broadest education possible?
genmajor@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/generalmajors

Are you worried about the human impact on the environment? Do you wonder how, when and why the Rocky Mountains, Great Plains and Ocean Basins were created? Or what determines the locations of cities, lakes, deserts, jungles — just about everything on the planet? What about creating maps that never existed before?
geography@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/geography

Are you fascinated by the thought of what life was really like in Ancient Rome, Meiji Japan, or on the North American Prairie in the nineteenth century? Does the idea of knights in armour taking to battle or women battling for the right to vote intrigue you?
history@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/history

Indigenous Studies
Why do Indigenous histories matter? What can you learn from Indigenous languages? What do you know about Indigenous cultures and communities in Canada and around the world? What should you know about Indigenous peoples?
indigenous-studies@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/indigenous-studies

Do you have a competitive spirit? Is staying fit for life one of your main goals? Are you interested in a career that promotes a healthy lifestyle?
kinesiology@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/kinesiology

Do you like searching for patterns? Are you a problem solver with an eye for details? Do you want to keep your options open to a variety of highly profitable career possibilities?
math@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/math

Modern Languages & Linguistics
Includes French, Japanese, Spanish & Linguistics
Does the idea of being an international globetrotter appeal to you? Are you the kind of person who would love to live and study in a foreign country? Do you believe the key to solving world issues lies in communication and understanding cultural differences?
languages@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/languages

Are you intrigued by human behaviour? Are you interested in learning more about how electrical impulses can transform themselves into thoughts, emotions and actions? Do you want to help people recover from neurological disorders or brain injuries?
neuroscience@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/neuroscience

Do you love to think about the big questions in life, like good vs. evil? Do you like to debate your point of view? Are you intrigued by the concept of whether time and space are real? Do they exist at all?
philosophy@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/philosophy

Physics & Astronomy
Do you always ask “Why?” Are you always wondering why things are the way they are and why they work the way they do? Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding experience that will train you to think analytically?
physics@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/physics

Political Science
Do you like working through complex problems or situations one step at a time? Do relationships between nations and societies interest you? Do you rise to the occasion when a tough challenge presents itself?
political.science@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/politicalscience

Pre-Professional Transfer Programs
Pre-professional transfer programs at uLethbridge facilitate a jump start on your professional career in a smaller, more personal environment than some of the larger universities. Take advantage of the excellent teaching environment at uLethbridge, knowing that you will be well prepared for going on to your professional school of choice. Dream big, and have the confidence in your education to get you there.
prepro@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/prepro

Are you interested in why people act the way they act and why they think the way they think? What about animals? What do they think? How do they communicate?
psychology@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/psychology

Religious Studies
Why is religion so prevalent? Are all faiths the same? What do they do for — and to — people? Are you fascinated by different ways of life? Do you want to learn more about other ways of understanding what it means to be human?
religious.studies@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/religiousstudies

Remote Sensing
Are you fascinated by Google™ Earth? Are you always in-the-know about the leading edge of software and technology? Do you like thinking about the infinite breadth and depth of our environment, all the way to the outer edges of the universe?
remote.sensing@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/remotesensing

Is “people watching” one of your favorite pastimes? Are you fascinated by how people relate to each other and to their social surroundings? Do you sometimes find yourself making up theories as to why a group or society behaves the way it does?
sociology@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/sociology

Urban & Regional Studies
Are you fascinated by urban architecture? Do you enjoy wandering through cosmopolitan neighbourhoods? Do you marvel over the contrast between planned suburban developments and inner city districts?
urban.regional@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/urbanregional

Women & Gender Studies
Do you want to be at the forefront of social change? Do you wonder what it will really take to create an inclusive society? Are you interested in exploring gender, sexuality, women and feminism?
womengender@uleth.ca | ulethbridge.ca/womengender

Post-Diploma & Transfer Guide
The University of Lethbridge is an exceptional choice for continuing your educational pursuits. Regardless of where you are transferring to the University of Lethbridge from, we offer information and resources to assist you in making sure you receive appropriate transfer credit for courses you have taken at other institutions. Learn more about transferring to uLethbridge.



Shining Students

Our Shining Students have challenged themselves to go beyond the classroom, taking full advantage of all uLethbridge opportunities. They take every opportunity to grow. Get social. Experience learning. Seek and give support. Shining Students are nominated by their professors each year. This past year, one of our Shining Students created a video series where he caught up with a few of his peers. To check out the entire series, visit us on YouTube. You can also check out all of our Shining Student profiles here. For now, here is a video introduction to three of our Shining Students. Eileen and Brayden will both be speaking in our Faculty Zoom Room from 11-11:15 a.m.

Gain clarity on your future career path by participating in co-op, just like Eileen

Brayden's research aims to address learning issues for University of Lethbridge students

A wealth of extracurricular activities help Chloe learn beyond her studies


Advice from Recent Shining Student Graduates

Education is a cornerstone of personal growth, development, and confidence. Post-secondary can be exhausting and demanding but take this as a chance to find what you love, pursue it with all your being and open yourself to the millions of opportunities at your feet. Work hard in your academic journey, but especially in your own personal journey. Never limit yourself, instead define your passions, and engrave it in your actions. Good luck and have fun, it'll be the slowest and fastest experience you've had yet!

Kate Chua BSc '20

My advice to students who are about to begin their journey in post-secondary is make the absolute most out of your university experience. Build relationships, ask questions and get to know the leaders around you. Start looking into programs such as co-op, applied studies and independent studies early in your degree and take full advantage of the opportunities that are available to you. Be the best you can be and make the most of your degree!

Kyle Cole, BA (Co-op) '20

Work on trusting yourself. Take the kind words others say about you, the encouragement your professors give you, the proof of all of your previous successes, whatever good stuff has carried you this far, and use it as evidence to build a case for how capable you are. This is not going to be an easy journey, but the sooner you learn to believe in yourself—genuinely, not just the Disney way—the sooner you will feel capable of facing any challenge head-on. You won't always succeed, but when you believe that you can succeed *eventually*, it becomes a lot easier to keep trying.

Jaime Lewis, BA (Co-op) '20

Our Faculty & Their Research

Faculty members at the University of Lethbridge are happy to involve undergraduate students in their research projects and supports and supervises students in their research initiatives. Our faculty members often collaborate with other departments, community members and employers on research projects — giving you the opportunity to get additional hands-on experience. The PUBlic Professor Series has been highlighting the research expertise of our faculty members for the past seven years. Talks are recorded in front of a live audience, and the videos are made available on YouTube. Here, you will also find a special series we ran in summer 2020 where we connected with past and present PUBlic Professor speakers to ask them 5 questions. Below, you will find a few highlights from the PUBlic Professor Series. As you will see, they often include students in their research! You can also check out UNews as a great source of research news!

5 Questions with Dr. Glenda Bonifacio

5 Questions with Dr. David Logue

5 Questions with Dr. Trushar Patel

COMBATTING DELUSION: Gleanings from the Hindu Great Goddess and Eastern Sages

The Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence

A Journey Through the Fields of Play

Person Behind the PhD

There is so much more to our professors than their research and their teaching! Person Behind the PhD is a video series that looks to highlight some of our faculty member's hidden talents, hobbies and passions. The series launched in Summer 2020. You can check out the first 8 videos via the link above. For now, here is a video introduction to a few professors you may meet during Open House.

"I don't see the fabrication or building of anything as a barrier."

With the help of Finn, Laura Chasmer adds some levity to her lectures

"I thought, 'hey, there must be a better way!' and so the way of my ancestors sprung to mind."


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