Windows 7/Vista

  • Press start and type the following into the "search programs and files' field
    • \\printserver\follow-you
  • After a few moments, the computer will prompt you for a username and password
    • Use ‘uleth\username’ for your username and your normal password
    • Check the box underneath the password field to remember your login credentials
  • When printing from this computer, jobs will be sent to the queue under the username supplied in Step 2

Configuring Wireless for 802.1 x Authentication

  1. Open "network" and "sharing center"
  2. Open "manage wireless networks" and press the "add" button
  3. Manually create a network profile
  4. Network name = U o L
  5. Security Type = WPA2‐Enterprise
  6. Encryption type = AES
  7. Enable the two checkboxes
  8. Click "next" and "close"
  9. Highlight U of L
    • Right-click and select properties
  10. Open the security tab and select settings
  11. Uncheck "validate server certificate"
  12. Now select "advanced settings"
  13. Check "specify authentication mode" and select "user authentication" from drop-down
  14. Click the "save credentials" tab, enter domain credentials, and click "ok"
  15. Closeout network settings and should connect to  U of L

Configuring Wireless for 802.1 x Authentication

  1. Open up "Network connections"
  2. Right-click and choose the properties of "Wireless network connection"
  3. Select the "Wireless networks" tab
  4. Verify the checkbox is checked
    • Use Windows to configure
  5. Select the "add" button
  6. Network name = U of L
  7. Check the checkbox
    • Connect even if not broadcasting
  8. Network Authentication = WPA2
  9. Data Encryption = AES
  10. Select the "Authentication tab"
  11. For EAP type choose Protected EAP (PEAP)
  12. Click "Properties"
  13. Validate server certificate = unchecked
  14. Connect to these servers = unchecked
  15. Authentication method = EAP ‐ MSCAHPv2
  16. Enable "Fast Reconnect" = checked
  17. Click configure button
  18. If the computer is joined to the domain make sure Windows logon name is checked
    • If the computer is not joined to the domain make sure this is unchecked
  19. If joined to the domain click "ok" to close wireless windows and log off/on the computer with domain credentials
    • You should now be connected to U of L
  20. If the computer is not joined to the domain click "ok" to closeout wireless windows and disable/enable the wireless card
    • You will be prompted to enter in your domain credentials
  21. Once entered you should be connected to U of L