Rush Orders

State-of-the-art Equipment

  • Print on Demand (POD) digital technology
    • Allows quick turnaround without sacrificing quality
    • Reduces production costs
      • For two or three copies or several thousand
        • Set-up fees may apply on small orders
      • In-line binding; printed and bounded in the same "run"

Faster Service

New Orders

  • Our ability to deliver product on short-notice may be affected by
    • Your pre-press requirements
      • If using our Graphic Design services
        • Our current work flow
        • The complexity of your content
    • The complexity of your finishing requirements
    • The complexity of the overall content; quicker turn-around with simpler orders
      • Posters, invitations, basic ads for newspapers and magazines
    • Time of year
      • Premium times
        • May (Convocation)
        • August (Fall deliverables)
    • Quantity of your order