Mac users should check with the IT Solution Centre before upgrading to any new Mac OS to ensure compatibility with Follow-You printing as well as getting assistance installing Follow-You print on your Mac.

You can contact the IT Solution Centre:

  • by phone (403) 329-2490
  • in person E610
  • by email

PrinterOn Web Based Printing Application

**There is a limitation with the PrinterOn cloud printing option that prevents users from selecting more than 10 copies of a document per submission.  A workaround to this is to send one copy of the document and then enter the number of desired copies at the actual campus Ricoh multifunction device of your choice:

  • Submit document to print using PrinterOn (
  • Login to a campus Ricoh device using your PIN or UofL ID card and choose Print:
  1. Select the document from the list of submitted documents.
  2. Press the Copies button in the bottom right corner.
  3. Increase the number of copies for the document you wish to print. Press the X button in the top right hand corner to close the Copies window.
  4. Press the Print button in the top left hand corner to release the selected print document