2018 Fiat Lux Address

To view a recording of this address visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lnqlZ6kG_4&feature=youtu.be



On January 18, 2018, President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Mike Mahon delivered the 2018 Fiat Lux Address, providing important information regarding the future of the University of Lethbridge and setting the stage for the institution’s next 50 years.

2018 marks the U of L’s 51st year as a university — a defining time in the University’s history as we shape our future and excel as a comprehensive academic and research institution, recognized nationally and internationally as a destination university.

The path forward will be guided by a thematic framework, aligned with the University’s values, priorities and strategic plan:

1.       the Student Environment

2.       Academic Programming

3.       Research Culture, and

4.       Connection to Community

In the address, Dr. Mahon posed questions to the University community such as: what does it mean to truly be a Destination University; what does our academic programming look like as we evolve as a comprehensive university; what type of research culture do we need to strive for and maintain; while highlighting key initiatives and priorities, and stressing the U of L’s unique connection to community.

2018 will be a year filled with monumental developments for the U of L. The outstanding vision, tenacity and dedication of faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners working together have brought the U of L to where it is today and will take the University to where it needs to be tomorrow.

We shine brighter together.