Prentice Institute Graduate Research Assistantship (PGRA)

Listing Date: 
Friday, May 28, 2021
Closing Date: 
Friday, July 2, 2021

Prentice Institute Graduate Research Assistantship (PGRA)

Deadline: July 2, 2021; Awarded by August 15, 2021


  • Minimum $13,000 annually (PhD) for GAs as defined by the ULGSA Collective Agreement.
  • Minimum $10,800 annually (Masters) for GAs as defined by the ULGSA Collective Agreement.

Appointments are intended to be renewable (subject to review): The maximum years of award for a PhD student is four (4) years and for a Masters student is two (2) years.

Assistantship Purpose: The Prentice Graduate Research Assistantship (PGRA) offers an opportunity for graduate students to work as research assistants with the Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy on research, knowledge synthesis, knowledge mobilization and policy-relevant projects that are driven by the Institute’s mandate and content priorities. The goal is to assist students in their progress toward an advanced degree, while performing research activities consistent with the endowment of the Institute, so they can gain the knowledge and skills to become independent scholars and professionals.

Opportunity: The Institute is currently recruiting for 2 graduate assistants to support the research and knowledge mobilization activities of the Institute and Institute’s research staff. Current opportunities include the following (please indicate your top three preferences):

a) Working with national and international data standards and indicators to generate demographic and well-being datasheets for Canada;

b) Working with Institute staff on existing research related to health, COVID-19, mental health and the social determinants of health;

c) Working with Institute staff on the identification, assessment and synthesis of indicator frameworks and surveillance approaches in the priority areas of the Institute;

d) Policy analyses of: population change, economic development, water in the Prairie regions and social determinants of health in Canadian and/or international contexts;

e) Effects of population change (urban or rural) on water supply, demand, and/or quality;

f) Demographic dimensions of innovation and change in non-metropolitan communities;

g) Indigenous youth and economic development;

h) Research and synthesis work in support of the delivery of community-based educational programming for southern Alberta;

Deliverables: Assistants are expected to complete at least one research project/year for a two-year Masters Student Assistantship, and at least two related projects for a four-year PhD Student Assistantship.

Administration of Assistantship: Applications for this assistantship are reviewed by the Research Advisory Committee of the Institute, and are administered by the Prentice Institute, which employs the students. These appointments are subject to the University of Lethbridge Graduate Association (ULGSA) Collective Agreement and will be processed monthly through University of Lethbridge’s payroll system with applicable tax withholdings.

Eligibility: University of Lethbridge graduate students who are:

  • Registered (or have received an offer of admission) in a full-time, thesis-based masters or doctoral program.
  • Able to provide evidence of research excellence and ongoing research potential.

Application Process: Letter of application, with necessary attachments, sent to in PDF form by July 2, 2021.

Letter of Application: Please provide a letter of application which includes:

  • Personal information: legal name (preferred name if applicable); student number; address; academic history (as per “Eligibility” above).
  • Graduate program (supervisor, year, potential/declared thesis title).
  • Explanation of interest, relevance and skills applicable to the work of the Institute, including identifying the project area of interest (please see above)

Note: As per the GSA Collective Agreement, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he/she does not accept an Offer of Assistantship that will result in his/her workload exceeding the maximum number of hours without specific approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies.


  • Current CV
  • Names and contact information of 2 references who can speak to the qualifications and relevant skills of the applicant
  • Confirmation of registration/admission to graduate studies at the University of Lethbridge

Upon being awarded an Assistantship, copies of the Offer of Assistantship will be forwarded to the appropriate Dean of Faculty for inclusion in the student’s employment file.

Award Conditions:

As employees of the Institute, graduate assistants are expected to contribute to the intellectual activities of the Institute, including attending and potentially participating in presentations, panels, workshops, lectures, etc. The Institute is in the process of developing graduate student-specific programming (including training opportunities in grant-writing, research methods, knowledge mobilization, policy analysis and integrative/intersectoral research).

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