Prentice Institute Affiliate Partnership Grant (PIAPG)

Listing Date: 
Friday, May 28, 2021
Closing Date: 
Friday, July 2, 2021

Prentice Institute Affiliate Partnership Grant (PIAPG)

The Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy provides funding to assist Affiliates in independent research that directly supports the Mission and Mandate of the Institute. This Partnership Grant has been made available to support Research Affiliates in fostering inter-institutional development of projects and applications. The intellectual leadership for the partnership can originate from the research community and/or from partner organizations (public, private, and not-for-profit); however, only a Research Affiliate of the Prentice Institute can submit the proposal and administer the funding within the partnership. The proposal must include a formalized partnership(s) and evidence of collaboration or collaborative potential. This collaboration must include partners outside of the University of Lethbridge and must include at least one academic partner to foster inter-institutional interaction.

The Institute is particularly interested in supporting partnerships that are innovative, have the potential to lead to larger and longer-term projects and funding (eg. SSHRC Partnership Development, Partnership or CIHR Team Grants) and that contribute to the broader mission of the Institute. At this time there are no specific areas of focus or criteria for inclusion, OTHER than alignment with at least two of the 4 strategic areas of the Institute: (1) Population Change; (2) Economic change; (3) Population health; and (4) Water and limits to/catalysts of growth.

Deadline: July 2, 2021

Value: Maximum of $10,000

Proposals should include:

  1. Introduction (½ - ¾ page):
    1. Provide a short, descriptive title for the proposal in non-technical terms.
    2. Name, and credentials, of Principal Investigator (PI).
    3. Amount of grant being sought.
    4. Concise statement of overall goal and major objectives.
    5. Brief description of issues and/or challenges to be addressed by the project.
    6. Scope of partnership, list of individual and/or institutional partners.
    7. Succinctly explain the project’s connection to the Mission and Mandate of the Prentice Institute.

 2. Project description (3 pages):

a.  Overall goals explained in detail.

b.  Specific project objectives described, including:

        i.   Potential impact and influence within and/or beyond immediate research community.

ii.  Implications and/or relevance to participating partners

c. Explain the originality and/or significance of your project:                

i.  Trends in current study area.                                              ii.  Benefit(s) that will be added by your project (social, economic, intellectual, and/or cultural) in advancing knowledge and understanding for disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary research.

d. Specific connection to the Prentice Institute Mandate (1-2 pages):

    i.  Resources expected to be shared by Institute to complete project, if applicable.

e. Describe your approach, theoretical or methodological, and its appropriateness to the project.

3. Contribution plan (1 page):

a. Describe the contribution expected of each partner as they use their expertise to complete the goal and objectives of the project.

b. Please include your plan on how the project will provide research training and support for any student(s) or emerging scholars who are involved, if applicable.

4. Description of partners (1 page):

a. Provide a complete list of participants and their contact information.

b. Include their credentials, expertise qualifying them for the partnership.

c. Describe any project related research links and/or funding.

5.Knowledge Mobilization (1/3 page):

a. Show how you will effectively disseminate the outcomes of your project to inform the broader academic community and those stakeholders from the public.

6. Attachments: 

a. Evidence of formal partnership(s) or collaborative history.

b. Complete budget with justification for project costs (1 page max).

c.  List of references or bibliography, as appropriate (no limit)

d. 5-year CVs (2016-2021) for the applicant and co-applicants. 

e. Letter of partnership from each participant (1 page each max).

To facilitate evaluation by the Research Advisory Committee, applications should:

  • Have clear overall goal and objectives thoroughly defined.
  • Match project or research with the Prentice Institute Mandate.
  • Demonstrate originality and significance of project.
  • Present solid partnership agreement(s).
  • Define appropriateness and engagement of partners.
  • Provide clear and complete budget, justifying amount requested.
  • Show concrete knowledge mobilization plan.
  • Describe detailed plan for student(s) and/or emerging scholars, if applicable.
  • Exhibit the development and/or potential of future research agendas.
  • Use language an intelligent reader, not necessarily an expert in area of study, can easily understand.

How to Apply:

Applicants should complete proposal, with attachments, as a single-spaced, 12pt font document, and send in PDF format to

  • Submission Deadline -July 2, 2021.
  • Applicants will be informed of results before September 1, 2021.

Use of Funds:

Funds may be used to pay for research assistants and student trainees, but neither a researcher nor a member of the researcher's family may receive remuneration. The research fund may be used to pay for travel directly related to research, including travel by research assistants in the performance of their assigned duties. Extensive travel costs (50% of more of the award) must be clearly justified.

Conditions of the Award:

Partnership grant funds may be used only for the project and purposes described in the application, subject to any special conditions given in the Request for New Fund form. Special conditions may include human subject research approval, expenditure limitations, etc.

  1. Expenses: Expenditures may be made only for those cost elements identified in the application. Minor transfers of funds from one budget category to another are permitted. Major transfers or the use of funds for a previously unspecified expense or a new budget item requires approval by the Research Advisory Committee and Institute Director.
  2. Items purchased with grant funds are the property of the Prentice Institute.
  3. Term: The usual term of an award is 12 months or less, in accordance with the applicant's request. Requests for extensions are submitted to the Research Advisory Committee at The total term, including any extension, will not normally exceed 18 months.
  4. Research Product: Prentice funding should be acknowledged in all resulting publications, reports and knowledge mobilization.
  5. Personnel: Personnel employed with research funds are not regular University employees and are not covered by the provisions of the collective agreement with support staff.
  6. There is to be no facility service charge from Research Services on the distribution of the awarded Prentice Institute’s research funds.
  7. A final report (see above) must be submitted at the end of the project that describes the project methods used in the study, key results, limitations, potential impacts, the dissemination of the findings to date (i.e., publications, academic and community presentations, community reports). The project report should be suitable for publication on the Institute’s web site or as part of an Institute Report series. In addition, recipients of the award should plan to present their findings in a Prentice Institute speaker event, panel, colloquia, podcast or webcast. Affiliates will not be considered for additional funding until a final report for previous awards has been received.


Upon completion, successful candidates will be expected to:

  1. Submit an executive summary (1 page).
  2. Submit a summary of project (3 pages).
  3. Submit a full report of project.
  4. Participate in a Prentice Institute presentation, seminar or workshop on their Partnership Grant Project to the Institute and stakeholders.

Any questions can be directed to


This announcement on PDF may be downloaded here: PIAPG-Partnership Grant-May-2021-j.pdf

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