Dr. Susan A. McDaniel

Susan A. McDaniel is an Adjunct Professor of the Universy of Victoria.  She has active research interests in international social policy, life course and demographic change worldwide, demographic aging, generational relations, family change and the social impacts of technology. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (the highest honour Canada bestows for academic achievement and excellence) and the recipient of many research and teaching awards. In 2002, she was awarded the University Cup by the University of Alberta for a career record of excellence in both research and teaching. She retains the lifetime title, Distinguished University Professor at the University of Alberta, where she taught in Sociology for 15 years. She is the author of eight books (with four in process in early 2012) and research monographs, over 180 research articles and book chapters, is a frequent keynote speaker at national and international conferences. She is an advisor to governments in Canada, the UK and the EU on social statistics, social policies, and official data collection. She has been Professor of Sociology at the Universities of Alberta, and Waterloo, and was in 2007-09, Senior Scholar, Institute of Public and International Affairs, and Professor of Family and Consumer Studies, University of Utah. In summer 2009, she became the Prentice Research Chair in Global Population and Economy, Director of the Prentice Institute and Professor of Sociology, University of Lethbridge. She is Principal Investigator of a study of Inequalities in Canada and the U.S. in relation to later life health risks, and Co-Investigator on three research projects funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada on Social Engagement in Mid-Life (PI is Stephanie Gaudet, Université d'Ottawa), on Intergenerational Poverty (PI is Amber Gazso, York University), and on climate change and public outreach (PI is Jim Byrne, U of Lethbridge). She serves on the Executive of the Strategic Knowledge Cluster on Population Change and Life Course, funded by SSHRC ($2.1milCAN), as well as on research funded by Human Resources and Social Development Canada on Life Course as Policy Lens (with Paul Bernard, Université de Montréal). Recent.publications include: McDaniel, Susan (with Paul Bernard). 2011. "Life Course as a Policy Lens," Canadian Public Policy. McDaniel, Susan A. 2008. "Framing Knowledge about Demographic, Family and Work Change in Canada as Capacity to Act," International Journal of Social Security Research May issue (published in Japanese). McDaniel, Susan A. 2008. "The 'Growing Legs' of Generation as a Policy Construct: Reviving its Family Meaning," Journal of Comparative Family Studies 40(2):243-253. McDaniel, Susan A. 2009. "The Conundrum of Demographic Aging and Policy Challenges: A Comparative Case Study of Canada, Japan and Korea," Canadian Studies in Population 36(1):35-60. McDaniel, Susan A. 2009. "Challenging Gerontology's Empirical Molehills: A commentary on Powell's Foucauldian toolkit," Journal of Applied Gerontology. McDaniel, Susan A. 2009. "Socio-Economic Insecurity and the Global Welfare State Divide: Sociology's Contribution to Public Knowledge," in Morato, Arturo Rodriguez, (Ed.), Sociology's Interventions in Public Debates. London, UK: Sage. McDaniel, Susan A. 2010."Precarious Disciplinary Intersections and Inconvenient Truths: Sociology in Search," in Kalekin, Devorah (Ed.), Sociology as a Public Discipline. London, UK: Sage. McDaniel, Susan A. 2010. "Family Change and Life Course Development: Social Transformation on Intimate Frontiers," Chapter 13 in Arnaud Sales (Ed.), Sociology Today: Social Transformations in a Globalizing World. London: Sage, UK. McDaniel, Susan A. (Ed.) 2008. Ageing: Challenges for the 21st Century. SAGE Major Work Series. London, UK: Sage. A 4 volume book McDaniel, Susan (with Paul Bernard). 2006. "Broadening the Conceptual Ambit and Policy Utility of Life Course," Human Resources and Social Development Canada.  McDaniel, Susan A. 2007. "Why Generation(s) Matter(s) to Policy," Policy Research Initiative, Privy Council of Canada.
 McDaniel, Susan A. 2007. "Pensions, Privilege and Poverty: Another 'Take' on Inter-generational Equity," Pp. 295-315 in Jacques Veron, Sophie Pennec and Jacques Legaré (Eds.), Age, Generation and the Social Contract: The Demographic Challenges Facing the Welfare State. Berlin: Springer. Rozanova, Julia, Herbert C. Northcott & Susan A. McDaniel. 2006. "Seniors and portrayals of intra-generational and inter-generational inequality in the Globe and Mail," Canadian Journal on Aging 25(4):373-386.
Dr. McDaniel has served as Editor of The Canadian Journal of Sociology, and the international journal, Current Sociology. She was Vice-President Publications of the International Sociological Association, and President of both the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association and the Canadian Population Society. She was elected Director of the Social Sciences Division of the Royal Society of Canada (2008-2010). She serves on the Editorial Boards of TEN journals, including The British Journal of Sociology. She has served on the National Statistics Council for 16 years, advising the federal government of Canada on the collection and analysis of all public data. And she serves as Vice-Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Canadian Council of Academies, one of the very few social scientists to serve.

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