Dr. Michael Haan, Western University

Dr. Michael Haan is an Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Science, and Tier II Canada Research Chair in Migration & Ethnic Relations, Social Sciences and Humanities, Western University, London, Ontario. He is also a National Research Affiliate of the Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy. He received his PhD from the University of Toronto. Dr. Haan is also a Research Associate at the McGill Centre for Population Dynamics. From 2005-2010, he held an academic appointment at the University of Alberta, where he was Winspear-Archer Research Fellow in Immigration and Social Policy. He continues to be an adjunct faculty member and research associate at U of A’s Population Research Laboratory. From 2010-2015, he was Canada Research Chair in Population and Social Policy at the University of New Brunswick. He is currently president of the Canadian Population Society.

Dr. Haan’s research interests intersect the areas of demography, immigrant settlement, labour market integration, and data development. He uses ‘big data’ to understand how people respond to changes in industry: do they move when their plant closes? Do they rely on social assistance? Answers will inform debates on a wide range of topics, including employment insurance, labour market development, immigration and, more generally, the role of governments and citizens in a post-industrial welfare state. He is widely consulted by provincial and federal governments for policy advice in the areas of immigration, settlement services, the Canadian labour market, and population aging. He has signed Research Partnership Agreements with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Employment and Skills Development Canada, and Statistics Canada. Each of these agreements creates a framework for Dr. Haan to conduct research on topics of interest and relevance to supporting departments, and potential research opportunities for students. He has been investigator or co-investigator on over 6 million dollars of funded research.

Dr. Haan is exploring how economic shifts are influencing where Canadians choose to live. How do immigrants respond to industrial restructuring? And are there policies we can enact to smooth the transition towards Canada’s new economic and demographic realities? Dr. Haan studies why people make the location choices they do across the life course, and what impact these choices have on both their well-being and that of the communities they join. He is also working on several projects that focus on the demographic components of labour market development. His earlier work focused on housing and immigration, although the focus on inequality and stratification was evident there as well.


Research Interests: Demography; Immigrant Settlement; Labour Market Integration; Data Development;     Population Aging; Migration; Immigration; Inequality; Big Data; Quantitative Data Analysis; Longitudinal Data Analysis; Demography and Population Studies.

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