Dr. Henning Bjornlund, University of South Australia

Professor Henning Bjornlund is a Research Professor in Water Policy and Management, School of Commerce, at University of South Australia Business School. He is also an International Research Affiliate of the Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy. He has been researching water management and policy issues in Australia since 1993, and in Canada since 2005. Since 2013 he has focused on working with small scale irrigators in Sub-Saharan Africa. For the last four years he has focused his research on improving the productivity and profitability of small-scale irrigators in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania. Professor Bjornlund is Chair of the Publications Committee of the International Water Resources Association and serves on the board of the International Water Resource Economics Consortium and the International Water Resources Association.

Dr. Bjornlund also serves on the editorial board of two international journals: Agricultural Water Management and Sustainable Development and Planning. He has also been a guest editor for two special issues, one for the International Journal of Water Resources Development and one for Water International. His past research has focused on analysing water markets and other water sharing mechanisms and their operations, impact and design focusing on Australia and Canada.

Henning works closely with the United Nations, as well as industry partners in Australia, Canada, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and France.


Research Interests: Water Management and Policy Issues; Implications of New Water Policy Reforms; Water Policy; Water Management; Water Markets; Water Trading; Economic Instruments; Socioeconomic Impact Assessment; Water Conservation; Monitoring; Water Market Prices; Water Rights; Property Implications of Water Policy; Water Trading.

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