Mission and Vision


The Prentice Institute will be a global leader in research and analysis of changing human population and economic issues.


  • The Prentice Institute supports and conducts research on the changing human populations and the potential impacts on social, environmental, and economic issues, and communicates its findings widely.
  • The Prentice Institute and its research collaboratorsĀ seek to understand long-term changes in human and economic environments, within a historical context, with particular attention to the role human actions play in influencing these outcomes.
  • We conduct and integrate research on the dynamics of Canadian and global demography and their impact on economic well-being through migration, culture, trade, and natural resource availability.
  • We communicate widely the output of our work and that of others to stimulate further research and to enable individuals, governments, and corporations to make better-informed decisions. We educate students and future researchers.


The central research mandate of the Prentice Institute is to examine big-picture issues relating to global population changes within a broad historical framework, while also connecting local and regional changes with similar global trends. In doing so, the Institute will provide information and contribute to the development of policy options to guide Canadians and their governments in addressing some of the difficult challenges facing the world.