Become an Affiliate

Any other individual, including those who formerly held designation as an Affiliate due to their position on a Prentice committee, and holding an academic position at the University of Lethbridge or other accredited academic institution, may apply to the Prentice Institute Steering Committee to be designated as an Affiliate of the Prentice Institute.

Such application must be accompanied by

  • a curriculum vitae, and;
  • a covering letter outlining the reasons for wishing designation, stating how the research activities of the applying individual align with the research mandates of the Institute.

The Prentice Institute Steering Committee will examine all applications and will not, unless with stated cause, reject an appointment.

  • The period of appointment will be for three (3) years, renewable at that time.
  • Designation itself carries no decision-making authority within the Institute.

Application are reviewed on an ongoing basis.  Please submit at any time, sending your application to