What is a concentration?

A defined set of courses related to the major but generally over and above the minimum requirements for the major. It may be required or optional. If a concentration is required for a major, both the major and concentration must be completed as neither may stand alone. Concentrations are not available in all programs.

In the Faculty of Arts & Science, concentrations are optional and require five courses (15.0 credit hours) in addition to the minimum requirements for the major or program. There are two exceptions where courses for the concentration are specified requirements for the program. The Post-Diploma BSc in geography requires a concentration in geographical information science. The BSc in applied statistics requires a concentration in economics, geography or psychology.

Students in certain majors in the BA, BSc, or BASc degree programs and in some post-diploma programs may declare a concentration. For students who complete all requirements, the concentration will be acknowledged on the official transcript.

Available concentrations are listed below:

a. Optional Concentration: Agricultural Business

  • Major in Agricultural Studies (BA or BSc)
  • Major in Agricultural Biotechnology (BSc)
  • Post-Diploma BA in Agricultural Studies
  • Post-Diploma BSc in Agricultural Studies

b. Optional Concentration: Geographical Information Science

  • Major in Agricultural Studies (BSc)
  • Major in Archaeology and Geography (BA or BSc)
  • Major in Environmental Science (BSc)
  • Major in Geography (BA, BSc, or BASc)
  • Post-Diploma BSc in Agricultural Studies
  • Post-Diploma BSc in Environmental Science

c. Optional Concentration: Legal Reasoning

  • Major in Philosophy (BA or BASc)

d.Optional Concentration: Research Internship

  • Major in Biological Sciences (B.Sc. or BASc.)

e.Optional Concentration: Theoretical Physics

  • Major in Physics (B.Sc. or BASc.)

f.Required Concentration: Economics, Geography, or Psychology

  • Major in Applied Statistics (B.Sc.)

g.Required Concentration: Geographical Information Science

  • Post-Diploma B.Sc. in Geography

Required courses for the concentrations can be found in the current year's calendar, Section (Majors) along with the requirements for the given major where requirements for each post-diploma program are outlined.