Single Students

What Your Room Rates Include

Room rates include all utilities and are based on a two-term (single student) contract.

Note: Fees listed are per bed / 4 month term

A large portion of your Housing fee is applied to utility bills (electricity, gas and water). Please turn off your lights when not in use, conserve water whenever possible, and leave your windows closed during winter months to conserve heat and avoid the costly damage of frozen pipes. In addition to keeping your rent down, you are helping to do your part in our campus’s commitment to going green.

A utility surcharge may be levied to offset increased utility costs due to the effects of deregulation and the resulting inflationary impact.

Payment Due Dates

Residence fees for single student housing must be paid in full at the beginning of each term. Residence Dining Plan 8-mth contract must be paid in full at the beginning of each Academic Year.

See Important Dates.

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