Residence Assistant

A Residence Assistant is a supportive and approachable peer and leader for the residents of their section and facility. They liaise between their residents, their facility’s Vice-President, the ORS Council, and Housing Services.

With a co-RA, they develop, foster, manage and protect their inclusive community through social and educational events, programming, opportunities, and everyday interactions. They ensure their residents have the opportunity to:

  • Be active and contributing members

  • Be healthy in mind and body

  • Feel safe and comfortable

  • Achieve academic, personal, and professional success

RAs uphold and enforce the expectations, policies, and violations found in the Residence Community Handbook, and the decisions of Housing Services and ORS. They do so in a professional, fair, and effective manner. When scheduled, they are the Residence Assistant on Duty (RAD). The RAD is the first responder to any situations or emergencies that arise in their facility, and when necessary, is responsible for engaging the required supports and resources (i.e. Security Services, Housing Services, emergency services, etc.).

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A Residence Assistant (RA) is hired from the resident population and jointly supervised by the facility’s Vice-President and Housing Services.