Roommate Work Sheet

  • I prefer to study in the apartment/I need quiet time when I study
  • I prefer to cook and entertain in the unit regularly
  • I drink/I object to drinking
  • I am an early/late riser/retiree
  • I am a heavy/light sleeper
  • I need to be alone without intrusion (always, often, rarely, sometimes, never)
  • I am a private/social person
  • I like to have my door open/closed
  • I do/do not keep things inside myself
  • I expect my roommate to listen if I am disturbed about something
  • I am willing to listen when my roommate has a problem and wants to talk
  • Bills should be split down the middle
  • Cleaning can best be accomplished by . . .
  • Dishes should be done . . .
  • I work best with a set schedule for housekeeping chores
  • Each person should be responsible for . . .
  • I expect a _____ level of cleanliness
  • I am willing to share expensive items like a bike, car stereo, TV, VCR, computer, etc.
  • I am willing to share smaller items like CD's, dishes, food, and clothes
  • I am willing to share groceries and cooking responsibilities/ I like to cook for myself
  • I like to host parties
  • As to overnight guests . . .
  • My friends could best be characterized as . . .
  • I am having a few friends over in our common room later/ I have an exam in the morning . . .
  • A good roommate to me is...
  • I like loud movies, music and video games/ I prefer quiet activities