Step 1: Preparing document for submission process

*Remember to follow the detailed instructions for embedding the required fonts in your final PDF copy of your thesis

Before you begin your e-thesis submission, prepare the following:

  • Your thesis abstract as text that you can copy and paste into the submission form within the e-thesis/project system
  • Prepare a list of three (3) ProQuest Subject Codes at the 4 digit level available on the Collections Canada website
  • Convert your thesis document to a PDF file. If you do not have access to PDF writer, contact the library for access to this software*
  • Your final PDF file must include a file name that conforms to the following naming convention:
    • The file names for e-thesis documents cannot include any spaces.
      • Example: JONES_MORGAN_MSC_2014.pdf
  • The library will prepare a list of subject/keywords for your thesis document—these keywords and subject words will be used as search terms by other users

When the above has been prepared, continue

Step 2: Start a new submission for Institutional Repository