Host Bios (Breakout Sessions)

Host Bios (Breakout Sessions)
Conversation about Braiding Sweetgrass, the U of L’s Common Book for 2021

Session Leader:  Brendan Cummins

Bio:  Brendan Cummins is an instructor in the School of Liberal Education. He is using Braiding Sweetgrass in both of his first year classes. He has a keen interest in how the book connects to a liberal education and the integration of Indigenous ways of knowing into the academy.

Building the Space Between: Researching How Teachers are Responding to the TRC in Their Teaching Practice

Session Leader:  Makita Mikuliak

Bio:  I am currently pursuing an MA student in Anthropology, under the supervision of Dr. Jan Newberry, at the University of Lethbridge. My interests are specifically in the Anthropology of Education which is concerned with education in a variety of settings. I graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a BASc in Anthropology and Psychology in 2020.

Open Anthropology”: Open Educational Resources, Open Pedagogy, and Multimodality in the Teaching of Anthropology

Session Leader:  Alyssa White

Bio: Alyssa White is a current MA student at the University of Lethbridge majoring in Anthropology. She is studying different forms of pedagogy in education, and the incorporation of Open Educational Resources (OERs) and multimodality into the teaching of Anthropology.

Interdisciplinary problem solving for environmental issues: the tri-disciplinary consortium 

Session Leaders:  Drs. Jodie Asselin and Jenny McCune

Bios: Dr. Jodie Asselin is an associate professor in environmental Anthropology. Her work explores the cultural complexity of conservation and development in rural areas of Canada and Ireland.  Dr. Jenny McCune is an assistant professor in Biological Sciences. Her research focuses on how plant communities change over time and the conservation of endangered plants in Canada.

Curriculum Development: How and Why     

Session Leader:  Richelle Marynowski          

Bio:  Dr. Richelle Marynowski is the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs in the Faculty of Education. She has been engaged in curriculum development in mathematics in Alberta for over 10 years.

COVID-19 and Vaccines

Session Leader:  Trushar Patel

Blackfoot Women's Empowerment Communications Project

Session Leaders:  Keeley Wadsworth and Crystal Goodrider

Gendering and Healthcare: presenting on three studies that explored pathways to diagnosis for cardiac arrhythmia patients

Session Leader:  Mary Runte

Considering the value of the humanities to society

Session Leader:  Aaron Stout

Bio:  Aaron Stout is an instructor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge. He holds an M.A. in Education with a focus on the purpose and practice of history education.  As a former social studies teacher, he is interested in how narratives can introduce students to multiple perspectives that contribute to an appreciation of inclusivity in society.