Your Guide to The BRIDGE (Web Information System)

What is the BRIDGE?

The BRIDGE (Web Information System) is a secure way for you to see your own information via the web.  The information may be your information in Payroll, Benefits or Student Services. You may view it from anywhere by logging on to the internet anywhere it is available to you.  Visit the site often and watch for New Features when they become available.


What is “Personal Information” about in the BRIDGE (Web Information System)?

This is your information regarding your address(es), phone number, e-mail address, emergency contact, and information about changing your name and Social Insurance Number (SIN).


What is “Employee Services” in the BRIDGE (Web Information System)?

This is your information on your pay, benefits and deductions, leave balances, T4, and earnings history.  You will be able to see your pay voucher as soon as payroll is processed for the month instead of waiting for a paper copy.


Important Note

For your security and privacy, when you are finished viewing your information, logout from Web for Employee by clicking "Exit" in the upper right hand corner and close your browser.


How do I Use It?

You may access the BRIDGE (Web Information System) through Internet Explorer (v 4.0 or higher is recommended).  In the location or address, type:

The first screen you will see is the Login Page.  You will also see other features which are available (or may be in the near future) on this page, however you will need to login first.

Your User ID is your Username and Password (i.e. The one you use to login to your computer and email)   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Help Desk at 329-2490 or


Can I Change my Password

The way to change a password on campus (which now is for email, computer logon and the bridge) is done in the Account Management section of the homepage.


What Information will I Have Access to in Personal Information?

You will have access to your own address, emergency contact information only.  There are also information pages on what to do in order to have your name and/or SIN changed in the system.  Be sure to read the information boxes on all the screens you view.

By clicking on Personal Information, you will see you have access to:

  • View your permanent and/or mailing address currently being used in the system and allow you to update these as required.
  • View who is listed as your emergency contact(s) in case something should happen to you on campus. As we have not had any listed before, everyone should fill in this information. You may have more than one contact. You may also update this information as required.
  • Find out how to have your name changed in the university information system.
  • Find out how to have your SIN changed in the university information system.


What Information will I Have Access to in Employee Services?

You will have access to your own pay and benefits information only.  The information history is from the start of the Banner Information System in early 1994, so history prior to 1994 will not be displayed.  Be sure to read the information boxes on all the screens you view.

By clicking on Employee Services, you will see you have access to:

  • Benefits and Deductions which covers your retirement plan(s), health plan information, miscellaneous deductions such as parking, and your beneficiaries and dependents information.  Life insurance does not show at this time.
  • Pay Information where you view your direct deposit information, earnings and deductions history, and monthly pay stubs.
  • Tax Forms where you may view previous year's T4's.  You will be able to view the current year T4 after the end of the year when all information and adjustments have been completed.
  • Current and Past Jobs is where you may view your current U of L job.  Past Jobs is unavailable at this time.
  • Time Off Current Balances and History where you may view leave balances such as vacation and leave history.



More people are starting to be environmentally conscious about Payroll producing paper vouchers when the same information is online, and sooner, actually.

Saying NO to paper vouchers means NO more lost or misplaced paper; NO more waiting to the last day to find out your pay deposit amount or if change(s) have been received in time to process.  Great for people off campus! You can do your planning before the actual pay date.

There is no need to worry about forgetting to check online.  You will automatically receive an e-mail from the person who processes your pay advising that your pay has been calculated and the pay date for the month, along with a link to Log In to get the information. You may print the information if you wish.

What could be easier???


What if I Need to Change Some Information?

At this time, the Employee Services in the BRIDGE (Web for Employee) is in view mode only. Please review all your information and advise if any changes need to be made.  Where contacts are listed on the screens, there is a link to that person's e-mail.  Be sure you have first read the information boxes on each screen you viewed.  We have found this information normally explains the information and often eliminates the need for contact.

We have built in links to corresponding web sites and e-mails.  We review them twice yearly to ensure they are up-to-date.  Should you have trouble with any of the links, please contact Kevin Leusink (ext. 5225 or email

If you receive messages that "Data is Missing" or similar messages, or screens do not appear in the format of previous screens, try clicking on the Refresh or Reload button first.



If you have questions about the information regarding your pay information, web time entry, TD1, or T4’s, then contact your Payroll Specialist or the contact listed on the screen.   The Payroll Specialists are:

Last Name Starting:   

A-E                   Zoia Schacher              2874

F-K                   Nicolle Keim                2073

L-R                   Linda Robison              2820

S-Z                   Justina Gaudette         2705


If you have questions about your information regarding your benefits, beneficiaries, dependants, or pension, contact:

                        Adriana Ota                 4428


Should you experience technical difficulties with your browser, please call the Help Desk 2490 or