Staying Well at U of L

We want you to stay well at U of L!

Tell us how YOU Stay Well at the U of L. Submit a photo of something you do to maintain your physical and/or mental well-being to or use our submission form (found in the drop-down menu). Please note your photo and info will be displayed on the Wellness website and/or Social Media.

Check out the ways our colleagues are staying well.

Gardening: Many members have mentioned how they have been more active in their gardening and yard care. They say some of the benefits have been reduced stress, better sleep quality, and improvement in mental health. Gardening also teaches patience and the science of caring for plants. The best way to get motivated is to go to a greenhouse and pick out the plants that appeal the most to you. Plant picking and flowers blooming is the most fun and rewarding part!

Alison Pilsner stays well at u of l by participating in her favourite water sport: waterskiing. She has been doing this for 35 years and the best time to go is at 6:30am when the water is like glass. Her advice is: "When getting up (this is the hardest part) keep your ski tip up and hang on for life...haha"

Meagan Koshman stays well by doing 9 Round Kickboxing and since quarantine they have been uploading workout videos. She is motivated with her sister to keep up the workouts at home through quarantine. Her advice is to take advantage of those free workout trials that gyms offer because sometimes trying something new can really pay off.

Spencer Simkin stays well at the u of l with his passion for mountain biking. He has been involved in this sport for over 3 years now and really knows his stuff. His tip would be, "Know your limits and start slow and low. You do not need to be bombing in on Black Diamonds right away or trying to traverse a techy rock roll. Lethbridge has some great beginner trails that offer new riders a chance to test out some skills."

Natasha Toney says since quarantine began, exercising has looked very different for her. She has alternatively switched to walking and running outside to get out of the house and some fresh air. This is a great alternative to your regular gym routine mentally and physically. She suggest trying out new routes to keep your time outside interesting.

Dawn McBride as she is staying well through this quarantine by getting outside and walking lots listening to podcasts. Her dog is a great partner for this. She has gain many benefits such as reducing stiffness and sleeping better.

Expanding cooking skills: salad rolls, whipped coffee, cauliflower crust  pizza, and lettuce wraps. To support local, Lindsay Mack also says that Umani Lethbridge has a live cooking show on Facebook on Saturday nights that she enjoys participating in with her friends (virtually) and family. 

A new challenge for many is how to keep the kids entertained these days. Wim and his family have a very adventurous way on doing so. They are taking advantage of the outdoors and using Geocaching which is essentially a real-life treasure haunt! Using the app, you can find coordinates where geocache have been hidden and work your way to that location to discover what has been hidden there.
Thank you Wim Chalmet!

Lisa Howard enjoys staying well all year round by being passionate about skiing! Lisa loves any type of skiing and has been doing so for 45 years. A tip she suggests: "Be open to developing skills. I think it is important to take lessons and uncover poor techniques and refine good habits. It makes the experience safer and enjoyable."

Richard Larouche has been running for the past 7 years! Richard's advice is to start slowly and to alternate bouts of walking and running. If you are starting out he says, "Don't feel like you have to run a marathon... you can get benefits from much shorter runs."

These trying times can be tough, but at least we can spend some quality time with our furry friends. Bernadine says she enjoys spending time in between Zoom meetings with her cat Taz.
Thank you Bernadine Wojtowicz!
Priscilla Patel said she stays well by doing two types of activities: HIIT workouts and lots of walking, which she has been maintaining for 6 years. When starting out, she suggests to think about your goals and where you want to be. Then do one thing that can lead you closer, and get it down pat, and then keep adding things until you are well on your way.

Asheley Cowie says since quarantine began, her family and their dogs have been walking 5km a day to stay active and spend time together. She says it is a great way to be active: because it is free, the level of intensity is your choosing, and it is a great way to get outside. She suggests to start slow and short and gradually see your strength and stamina grow.

Elizabeth Stirling stays well at the U of L by running, mountain biking, and road biking. She also participates in half marathon races, triathlons and bike races for the past 18 years. Initially, she got started by participating in the 2001 Terry Fox Run and is overall attracted to these activities by loving the outdoors.