How Nancy Walker Stays Well at U of L

Nancy Walker

VP Finance & Administration

What does Wellness mean to you?

Wellness is being fit enough (physically or mentally) to do what you want to and participate in the things you like.

What physical activities do you do to stay well?

I like to do cardio on the bike or elliptical for 30 minutes a day and will fit in weights when I can.

I also like to fit physical activity in during the day such as taking the stairs whenever possible.

What mental activities do you do to stay well?

I’m an amateur musician and play the clarinet and saxophone in two community bands. I rehearse at least once a week and it’s an activity that makes me feel good and something that I do just for me.

The most common reason people give for not being active is that they don’t have the time. As a senior leader you have a very busy schedule- how do make the time for wellness activities?

I like to go to the gym at noon for my workouts but I don’t always get to because of my schedule. If I have to miss a noon session I try to go early in the morning or at night because when I start to miss days it gets easier and easier to continue to miss workouts.

Do you have some tips for managing workplace stress?

You have to not take things too personally at work. If you can take a step back and breathe and not react too quickly to a situation you’ll find it a little easier to manage stress.

Anything else you would like to share?

I found eating to be more of a challenge; chocolate is just so tempting! I have to put in a conscious effort to keep my eating healthy. When I’m really busy I try to ensure at least one of my meals that day is balanced.