Wellness Committee

Wellness Committee Meetings are held monthly.

Committee Members

  • Susan Roth - Wellness and Recognition Specialist
  • Paula McDonald - Sport and Recreation Services
  • Sharon French - Library
  • Nicole Hillary - Office of the Vice President, Finance and Admin
  • Javid Sadr - Psychology Faculty
  • Brittany Gilmour - Calgary Campus
  • Aaron Stout- Faculty of Education
  • Richard Larouche - Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Ana Aguilar  - FInancial Services
  • Cara LaMontagne - Campus Mobility Services 

Terms of Reference (updated August 23, 2016)

1. Preamble

The University of Lethbridge (U of L) believes that both organizational and individual health are important factors affecting the ability of all employees to live a well-balanced supported life style.

Living Well at U of L – Vision

  • The U of L recognizes that our people are our greatest asset and that the balance of individual health and wellbeing is critical to the overall success of the University.
  • Envisioning a campus community where people are encouraged and given multi-faceted opportunities to pursue a well-balanced supported lifestyle, the U of L will promote joint partnerships and collaboration on the development of individual and collective health and wellness initiatives.

Living Well at U of L – Mission

  • The U of L will support individuals to seek knowledge, create health and wellness goals and attain their highest level of lifestyle balance.
  • The Wellness program will use best practices in health and wellness to support choices that lead to both personal and organizational wellness. 
  • Wellness opportunities will be inclusive, flexible, accessible and responsive to the needs of employees.   

2. Purpose

The purpose of the Wellness Committee is to support the pursuit of optimal physical and mental health and a well-balanced lifestyle of employees, by providing knowledge through education and awareness, and by motivating employees to choose healthier and balanced life-styles.

3. Membership

 3.1     The Wellness Committee shall be no more than 12 members from the following employee groups:

Manager, Wellness & Recognition (Chair) 1
Senior Administrators 1 - 2
Administrative Professional Officers (APO) 2 - 3
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) 2 - 3
University of Lethbridge Faculty Association (ULFA) 1 - 2
Exempt Support Staff (ESS) 1


3.2      The Chair of the Wellness Committee will contact each of the Employee groups to nominate members to serve on the Committee.

3.3      All membership appointments will be for three (3) year terms, with one reappointment term permitted.

4. Meetings

The Committee will normally meet monthly, with additional meetings at the call of the Chair.

5. Responsibilities

5.1 Champion a healthy workplace;

5.2 Encourage employee participation in healthy workplace initiatives;

5.3 Act as a resource to the Manager, Wellness & Recognition;

5.4 Identify and deliver healthy workplace initiatives and lifestyle program(s);

5.5 Organize annual health information session(s);

5.6 Review existing wellness programs and recommend changes or develop new programs;

5.7 Explore wellness “best practices” that may be implemented at the U of L;

5.8 Provide healthy lifestyle educational sessions to employees.  Explore options for providing such education to employees through alternative means and technologies and by identifying appropriate topics and speakers to promote healthier lifestyles.

6. Minutes

The Committee shall ensure that accurate minutes are kept of the Committee’s meetings.  All approved minutes will be posted on the University of Lethbridge's Wellness & Recognition website.

7. Terms of Reference Review

The Committee shall review the Committee’s Terms of reference bi-annually and recommend any changes for approval to the Associate Vice-President (Human Resources & Administration).

8. Other Matters

The Committee may consider any other related matters, which in the opinion of the Committee or at the request of Senior Administration would assist the Committee in meeting its purpose.

9. Reports

The Committee shall provide written reports of its activities at least annually to the Associate Vice-President (Human Resources & Administration).