"Health is not everything, but without it you have nothing"

Wellness and Recognition provides support, assistance and consultative services in regards to health and wellness, to departments and employees of the University of Lethbridge. The Wellness office develops and implements preventative health and wellness initiatives. The goal is to work together with colleagues and peers to provide a positive and balanced work environment for our staff.

Living Well at U of L Vision

The U of L recognizes that our people are our greatest asset and that the balance of individual health and well-being is critical to overall University success.

Envisioning a campus community where people are encouraged and supported with multi-faceted opportunities to pursue a well-balanced supported lifestyle. The U of L will promote joint partnerships and collaboration on the development of individual and collective health and wellness initiatives.

Living Well at U of L Mission

  • The U of L will support individuals to seek knowledge, create health and wellness goals and attain their highest level of lifestyle balance.
  • The Wellness program will use best practices in health and wellness to support choices that lead to both personal and organizational wellness.
  • Wellness opportunities will be flexible and easily accessible.