Shredding - Transitory Records

Note: This process is only for the secure destruction of transitory records and non-record material. See student work storage and shredding and disposition of university records for procedures for disposing of material that is not transitory. 

Secure Shredding of Transitory Records

In addition to paper, we are also able to destroy magnetic media such as CD/DVD's, floppy disks, video tapes, and even hard drives. Please send these materials separately from paper shredding, as they are destroyed separately.

To have materials shredded:

  1. Box the materials for shredding in any box that is manageable to lift when full (max. 30 lbs).
    • We often have extra paper boxes available, if needed.
    • Please do not use moving boxes. 
  2. Complete the Shredding of Transitory Records form (fillable PDF).
    • Only one form needs to be filled out for multiple boxes.
    • Unless otherwise indicated, all fields are necessary. 
      • Provide specific descriptions of the material to be destroyed. If a list is available, it can be attached to the form.
  3. Print and attach the form to one of the boxes with a single piece of tape or put it in an envelope so that it can easily be removed from the box.
  4. Put in a work request with Facilities to have the boxes moved to Records Management.

Tips for Preparing Material for Shredding

  • Separate paper from other materials (e.g. magnetic media, uniforms, etc.)
  • Don’t worry about removing staples, paper clips, elastic bands, coil bindings, or binder clips
  • Remove all binders, plastic sleeves, hanging file folders, garbage, etc.  

Shredding Costs

Departments will be billed for the actual cost of shredding, according to the fees charged by the shredding provider, at the time the shredding occurs. The cost is currently $0.79 per gallon for paper shredding, which works out to approximately $6.00 for a paper box, $7.00 for a records box, and $50 for a large shredding bin.