Retrieving Records

Once records are transferred to Records Management for storage, they can be easily retrieved during the retention period by submitted a request through the online Records Request System. Requests for records must come through the department that owns the records. 

Authorizing Access to the Records Centre Database 

Access to the Records Centre database requires set up through Records Management. The department head (e.g. manager or chair) should email to request and authorize access. 

Procedure for requesting records stored in the Records Centre:


  1. Login to the Records Centre database using your U of L campus login.
    • You will only see departments for which you have been granted access) 
  2. Locate the record that you are looking for using one of the following methods:
    • Search for the record by file name or ULCS classification code.
      • The search function searches exactly what you type, including spaces and punctuation. For example, a search for "Smith, John" will not locate "John Smith" or "Smith John" but will find "Smith, John ID#123456789"
      • The file name in the system will match the description you provided when the records were transferred to us.
    • Browse for the record by transfer date
  3. Click on "Request" to submit a request for the record. Provide as much information as you have. 
    • Indicate whether you are requesting the record back permanently (returning the file to your active files)
    • If you are requesting the file on behalf of someone else, indicate who
    • If the request is not a permanent return, please indicate when you expect to return the record to storage
    • In the Records Information section, indicate if you want a document from the file, the whole file, or the entire box that the file is located in
      • Use the Additional Record Description area to provide additional details we may need to locate the information you require. For example, if you are requiring a single document, provide us the details required to find the document within the file.
  4. Unless otherwise indicated, requested records are typically sent through internal mail the following business day.

If you do not have access to the Records Management system to search for your records, or are having troubles finding what you are looking for, please contact us for assistance.