Designated Records Officers

Designated Records Officers (DROs) are assigned by each unit to lead the day-to-day management of records and information in their unit, and to liaise with the Records Management department.

Who is my DRO?

A list of current DROs is available to employees on the Records Management intranet site. If you do not see a DRO listed for your unit, have your department head email to designate one.

What does a DRO do?

Designated Records Officers (DROs) play an integral role as the steward of records and information in each unit, ensuring that records management is an ongoing process. These individuals should be knowledgeable about current recordkeeping practices within the unit. A DRO has two main responsibilities with regard to RIM, which should be incorporated into their position description:

  1. Provide leadership and support to record and information creators and keepers in their unit. Primary activities associated with this role include:
    • Serving as a front-line resource in their unit for RIM at the University; and
    • Supporting appropriate records and information classification, transfer, and disposition in their unit, according to the University of Lethbridge Classification System (ULCS) and established procedures.
  2. Liaise with, and provide feedback to, the Records Management department on the development, implementation, and enforcement of the RIM program. Primary activities associated with this role include:
    • Identification of issues, opportunities, and training needs in their unit;
    • Responding to specific requests by searching, locating, retrieving and delivering records or information through established procedures;
    • Identification of relevant records series and/or retention schedules within the ULCS that should be reviewed, developed, and/or updated;
    • Coordinate purge days within their unit; and
    • Managing the transfer of the unit’s inactive records to the Records Management department for storage and/or disposition.

How are DROs supported?

To fulfil these duties, DROs will:

  • Receive training and support on RIM from the Records Management department
  • Join the DRO listserv to stay up to date on RIM procedures and practices, and to exchange information with DROs across the University

How are DROs designated?

To designate a Designated Records Officer, the head of the unit should email with the name(s) of the DRO(s) for their unit.