Previous Classification System

ULCS: A New Classification System for University Records

The University’s Records Management Department updated the University of Lethbridge Classification System (ULCS) in 2015 to provide improved guidance for your filing needs. This replaces the Business Classification System (BCS) that was in use since 2007.

BCS to ULCS Transition

The following crosswalk table has been developed to assist users with the transition to the current ULCS from the previous BCS. 

BCS to ULCS Crosswalk Table

Retention Periods Under Review

In addition to the classification review, the ULCS also updates some retention periods listed in the tables to reflect that some retention guidelines have not been approved or are under review. Affected record groups are identified by an asterisk in the Total Retention (TR) column. 


Please contact us with any classification/retention questions or to provide feedback on the current ULCS.