Boxing Records

Box Labels

  1. Labels will be sent to you with any boxes you order from us. 
    • Contact us if you need additional labels. 
  2. The information entered on the label template should correspond to the information submitted on the Records Transfer or Authorized Disposition form:
    • Provide a summary of the contents of the box.
      • If the box contains sequential files, note the first and last file in the box.
    • The Date Range is the earliest year entered in the "From Date" and the latest year entered in the "To Date" for the corresponding box on the form.
    • The Disposition Date is the latest disposition date listed on the transfer form for the corresponding box.
  3. There are 4 labels per sheet, if you do not require all the labels, you can delete the template for a specific label by selecting the table and clicking cut before printing.
  4. Print the labels and affix them on the short end of the boxes (see picture below).
    • Note: Handwritten labels are not accepted.