Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

From time to time we all have to deal with difficult or stressful events in our lives. Most of the time, we handle these personal challenges fairly well on our own. At other times however, our personal problems can become significant enough that they begin to interfere with our effectiveness, happiness, and safety at work or at home.

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) has been designed to help you solve these problems. If provides confidential, professional counseling for a broad range of personal and family problems. While the program can be used for crisis intervention, the ideal time to use the program is early on, before the problems become so difficult that they put you at serious risk.

The EFAP is a pro-active option for helping you manage your personal health and happiness.

You and your eligible dependents can each receive up to twelve hours of counseling services per benefit year provided through the EFAP. Counselling services are provided either in person, over the phone or through a secure Internet site.

The EFAP offers confidential, professional counseling (and referrals, when required) for you or your family’s personal difficulties such as:

Alcohol or drug dependencies


Emotional or physical problems

Financial and legal difficulties


Marital or family problems

Pre-retirement Planning

Sexual harassment or abuse


Work-related problems

If you require assistance, simply call Homewood Health at one of the numbers listed below anytime of the day or week. You will be asked, confidentially, for some basic registration information to establish your eligibility for this benefit. Then the assistance needed will be arranged. If counseling is required, an experienced psychologist or counselor will help assess your concerns and aid you in developing practical solutions. If other assistance is recommended, the counselor will connect you to the appropriate resource.

Homewood Health is contracted to provide and coordinate all services. If counseling is required, a registered psychologist or counselor in the Homewood Health network will provide it. All Homewood Health counselors have extensive experience helping individuals with their problems. If longer-term counseling, hospital treatment or specialized services (such as medical, legal or financial help) are required, your counselor will arrange an appropriate referral and follow-up with you.

Counsellors are required by law to maintain the strictest confidentiality. No one who inquires about – or receives services – under this plan will be identified to anyone without your written approval. You won’t be identified to anybody – including your employer.

To speak to someone confidentially, call Homewood Health at one of the numbers listed below.

Contact Numbers:

Toll Free English 1-888-713-8623

Online Resources: ab.bluecross.ca/efap