Tax Slip Information

Tax Slips (T4, T4A) are Available via the Bridge

The University of Lethbridge is only providing your tax slips in an electronic format. Please click on this link and follow these instructions to access and print your .

  1. Log on with your ID Number and PIN
  2. Click on “Employee”;
  3. Click on “Tax Forms”;
  4. Click on “T4 Statement of Remuneration Paid”;
  5. Click on the drop-down box, under “T4 Slip”.

Note: There may be multiple T4’s and T4A’s. Ensure you print each record.

Please refer below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions. For additional information, please contact your Payroll representative.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who do I contact if I have any questions regarding my tax slips?
Contact your Payroll representative:

Last Name (A-E):  Zoia Schacher (317-2874)
Last Name (F-K): Nicolle Keim (329-2073)
Last Name (L-R):  Linda Robinson (317-2820)
Last Name (S-Z): Justina Gaudette (329-2705)

Is an electronic T4, T4A’s acceptable by CRA?
The electronic T4 that is accessed through the Bridge displays an approval number on the bottom right of the page. The approval number is issued by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) to indicate that the T4 Web Form has been approved. The T4 Web Form can be printed and submitted for tax purposes.

When will the Tax slips be ready?

CRA requires the tax slips to be issued by the last working day in February of the following tax year. We do our best to have these out prior to this date. Employees will be notified via email when their tax slips are ready.

Will all University of Lethbridge employees receive their tax slips via the Bridge?
Yes, even if you are not currently employed the tax slips will be available on the Bridge. Tax slips will be sent out to individuals that are not employed in January of the following year. Current students as of January the following year will not get their tax slips mailed out.

Why does the Year to Date Earnings total on my pay voucher not match Box 14 (Employment Income) on my T4?
The Year to Date earnings total on your pay voucher includes all employment income before deductions, not including the value of taxable benefits. In comparison, Box 14 includes all employment income before deductions plus the value of taxable benefits and any additional compensation that was paid during the year.

What are taxable benefits?
Taxable benefits include all employer paid group life insurance premiums. These benefits are reported in Box 40 (Other Information) on the T4 slip.