Payroll & Finance Calendar of Events


By November of each year, Pay Services makes available to each department, a new payroll calendar for the upcoming new year.

The calendar shows the following items:

  • Statutory holidays on which the University is deemed closed;
  • Cut-off dates for Payroll Authorization Forms (PAF's);
  • Cut-off dates for approval of Timesheets and Exception Reports (Hourly or Salaried);
  • Pay dates for regular pay runs;
  • Cut-off dates for Finance month end.

Hourly employee timesheets are paid semi monthly from the 22nd of the previous month up-to-and-including the 6th of the current month paid on or around the 15th of the month. Second hourly from the 7th of the month up-to-and-including the 21st of the month paid on the last working day of the month.

Salaried employees, fill out exception reports and submit them to their supervisor/manager.

Timesheets must be reviewed by the supervisor/manager for completeness and correctness. The supervisor, upon approving, is verifying the information is complete and correct.

*Faculty are only required to fill out and send in exception reports for hours other than vacation time. It is the responsibility of the faculty member and Dean to keep a record of vacation time to ensure appropriate utilization.

Cut-off (deadline) dates must be adhered to in order to ensure employees receive their pay on the appropriate pay date.

It is the supervisor's/manager's responsibility to:

  1. Ensure PAF's are completed fully and correctly with appropriate signatures and sent to Payroll Services, to be received by the deadline;
  2. Ensure Timesheets/exception reports are completed fully and correctly and approved by the deadline;
  3. Instruct employees regarding having timesheets or exception reports properly completed on time;
  4. Ensure the forms are signed and submitted on time (if the signing authority is away during time periods where signatures are required, an authorized alternate must be on file).

It is Payroll Services responsibility to ensure:

  1. PAF's completed fully and correctly with appropriate signatures and received on time are processed for payment on time;
  2. Timesheets/exception reports completed fully and correctly with appropriate approval and received on time are processed for payment on time.

Photocopies are unacceptable for Payroll Services purposes. Upon signing any Payroll forms, the document becomes a legal document of which the original must be on file in Payroll Services. At times, these documents may form the basis or part of a legal matter. Provincial statutes also require the placement of originals on file in Payroll Services.

Payroll is run on a computer program system called Banner. Even though it is computerized, due to the number of payments processed, and utilization of direct deposit, deadlines (cut-offs) must be adhered to without exception. Deadlines were built in with the system in mind.

At some times during the year, there may be more PAFs than usual. When the first payment takes place beyond the month the person was hired, the PAF must still be sent in the month in which the employee started. The gathering and holding of PAFs until the month of payment is unacceptable. The only exception to holding a PAF until the following month is when the employee starts after the deadline (cut-off date), in which case it is the supervisor's/manager's responsibility to advise the employee that their first pay will be the following month (or in increments or one time) as contracted for in the employment relationship.

If forms are submitted incomplete/incorrect and beyond the deadline(s), the supervisor/manager must inform the employee that payment will be received the following month.

Incomplete/incorrect forms are not returned due to loss of control of where they go and when they return which may also take them beyond the timeframes. They will be held for the authorizing party to come in to complete/correct.

Payroll Services is unable to process copies, incomplete, and/or unsigned documents. The original, fully completed, signed document is our authority to process the data within the document.

Incomplete and/or incorrect documents create adjustments and/or time delays, which in turn may create delays in payments and/or excess work and time on behalf of the supervisor/manager.