New Employee Orientation

A new employee’s orientation can be a crucial first step in welcoming the new staff member. It is where the employee establishes their first impressions of both the University and the people with which they will be working. It also allows the employee to get off to a good start on their new career. A thorough and well thought out orientation will allow the new employee to be successful as well as leave a good first impression.

To help you with this Human Resources has provided a list of activities and/or topics that should be addressed. This following list is not meant to be exhaustive but to provide insight into areas that should be considered and an appropriate time frame. Each department should tailor this list to meet their needs and decide who will take responsibility for each item.

Before new staff member arrives:

Determine who, where, what.

  • Who will meet the new employee and where.
  • Where the new employee will work
  • What are the initial work responsibilities/objectives for the first week.
    • examples include any required or recommended reading, such as publications created by your department.

Other advance preparation such as ordering keys from Physical Plant Control, ordering a name tag if appropriate, setting up an account at computing services, or determining if the new employee will need Banner access and the appropriate forms are submitted to Financial Services.

First day of work

Meet with supervisor, and others as appropriate, for departmental orientation. Items for discussion may include:

  • Departmental goals and objectives.
  • Primary activities of the department.
  • Departmental relationship to the rest of the University.
  • Departmental Organization
  • Working with supervisors, colleagues, students, etc.
  • Review and discuss questions about job description and evaluation criteria for six month probationary review (one year for APO’s). Review departmental procedures regarding:
    • working hours
    • issues surrounding confidentiality
    • telephone answering procedures
    • staff meetings
    • finding files, supplies, etc.
    • departmental dress code
    • where to put coat and personal belongings
    • appropriate eating areas and locations of cafeteria and food court.
    • locations of restrooms
    • placement and use of the photocopier machine
    • any coffee funds, gift funds, etc.
  • End of day routine such as lights, telephones, doors, computer, etc.
  • Get assigned work space

Meet with other members of the department and/or those staff with which the new employee may have close interaction.

Within first week of arrival

Set up work area Start work Supervisor should check in frequently to clarify expectations and answer questions. Meet with Human Resources for the HR Orientation. Fill out the appropriate form for a parking permit if required. Meet with Department of Information Technology for e-mail account. Tour the area immediately surrounding the department and the campus as a whole.